Stranger Things four volume two

These are all the highly believable fan theories about Stranger Things four volume two

Apparently Vecna can be seen in the first ever episode of Stranger Things!!


Since Stranger Things four volume one dropped, fans have been obsessed to say the least, they’ve even come up with all these theories about it. According to avid Stranger Things fans, these are a few of the things we can expect to see in volume two, starting with who will fall to Vecna.

Fans think Eleven will lose to Vecna in volume two

Okay so in the very first episode of season four, Dustin is playing Dungeons and Dragons. He rolls an eleven and in doing so he doesn’t manage to defeat Vecna. Fans are convinced this is foreshadowing the fact Eleven will lose to Vecna. Obviously if Eleven dies then this could destroy the whole of Hawkins and everyone could be in big trouble.

Ms. Kelley is connected to Vecna

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This is probably one of the earlier theories. Fans of the show were quick to realise Vecna targeted characters with traumatic memories. And then they connected the school’s psychiatrist, Ms. Kelley to somehow helping Vecna. Fans think she could secretly be working with Vecna to cull out the weak. Or she’s entirely unaware she’s the evil’s accomplice.

Vecna is heading for Will Byers

Throughout seasons one to four, Will Byers has had a rough time with it. He’s secretly in love with his best friend and he’s been trapped in the Upside Down more times than I’ve had a hot meal.

Fans think because Vecna went after Max and her trauma, Will isn’t safe due to the amount of trauma he carries from being the target of the Mind Flayer.

Eleven will be rescued by Mike

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This one is a classic. Fans of the show think Eleven will be saved by Mike and the rest of the gang. Obviously the dream would be she’s saved by Hopper but it’ll probably be Mike, let’s face it.

Eddie Munson could save Nancy

Volume one ended with Nancy in the Upside Down swimming pool where Barb died. Also Eddie is public enemy number one at the minute for the government not understanding the Upside Down and convincing everyone Eddie is a killer at large. Fans reckon Nancy will be in danger and Eddie will sacrifice his own life for hers.

Nancy and Steve will end up together

Let’s be honest, Nancy and Jonathan were never going to last. Stranger Things originally began with Nancy and Steve dating in high school but by season two that ended and she was with Jonathan. However it’s now going back to the way things were at the very beginning and fans are obsessed.

Steve and Nancy are together right now anyway, looking for Vecna. So unless there’s something coming up to derail the whole thing – fans are convinced they’re going to get back together for good.

We will learn why Hawkins has been the target this whole time

So apparently the reason why Hawkins is the home of so much drama runs a lot deeper than the fact Vecna’s origin story developed there.

Will Byers is in love with Mike

Fans are convinced Will Byers is gay and in love with Mike Wheeler. And if I’m honest, no one has denied this theory. Here’s what the cast and show’s creators have said about Will being gay.

Eddie is actually 010

This theory has blown up on Reddit and TikTok – fans actually believe he could be Ten from Hawkins lab. It first started when a fan clocked Eddie saying how he used to have “buzzed hair” which is a classic style for the children in Dr Brenner’s lab. The other part is the fact he wasn’t massively shocked when learning about Eleven and her powers.

Eddie is around 19 or 20-years-old in Stranger Things four in 1986. He’s retaken senior year a couple of times. The Hawkins lab massacre took place in 1979 which would make Eddie around 12 or 13-years-old when Henry Creel went off the radar. All of this has made fans spiral into believing he is Ten.

Vecna was always the Upside Down villain

This theory claims that Vecna has always been the villain running things in the Upside Down. Despite being introduced in season four, Vecna was banished to the upside down right at the start of everything. Seasons one to three hint that Vecna has always been around.

The Duffer brothers planned Vecna in season one. They wanted to keep him mysterious though. Nextflix reportedly agreed to this but asked them to write out their theory and 25 pages later they had it.

If you watch earlier seasons back then you can probably see Vecna. In the very first episode of Stranger Things, Will is ran off the road by a creepy figure which looks a lot like Vecna.

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