So Vecna’s more youthful than we thought, here’s how old he is in Stranger Things four

Vecna please never reveal your skin care routine, babes x

Stranger Things four has introduced to us the best villain of all time – Vecna. Compared to any other monster on the show he is seriously unmatched, I think it’s mainly because he’s got a human element to him. His tormenting seems more calculated when using his victims’ experiences of trauma against them. Vecna is in the Upside Down which, as we know, is stuck in 1983. He became a monster seven years prior in 1979 when Eleven beat Henry Creel (001) at Hawkins Lab and banished him to the Upside Down.

It’s no secret that Vecna hasn’t aged well. He’s clearly no spring chicken but you might actually scream when you learn his real age given the absolute state of him. Here’s everything we know about Vecna’s real age in Stranger Things four.

Henry Creel was 12-years-old in 1959

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Right so going by the newspaper article that appears on screen in Stranger Things four episode three, Henry Creel was 12-years-old when the murders took place in 1959. This means he was born around 1947.

001 is is 32-years-old in 1979

After Henry Creel is put under the charge of Dr Brenner who named him 001 he joins Hawkins lab. Given the fact he was born in 1947, around the time of the Hawkins lab massacre he was 32. A lot of people think the Upside Down has been a thing for absolute years but that doesn’t necessarily mean Vecna has too.

So Vecna should be around 37-years-old

Recently a Stranger Things production designer confirmed the Upside Down is frozen in time and has been since 1983. This clarified a moment from volume one where Nancy goes to visit her bedroom in the Upside Down and nothing had changed since season one. So there we have it, fans are convinced he is 37-years-old but my god, he looks about one billion years old right?

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