Hopper and Joyce’s reunion in Stranger Things four was filmed *10* different times

I need to see all 10 of them right this second

One of the sweetest moments from Stranger Things four volume one was the reunion between Joyce and Hopper. After months of being in Russia and thinking he killed Joyce, Hopper is reunited with one of the people he cares about most in the world. But it turns out the scene we saw was all David Harbour’s idea and the Duffer brothers shot multiple takes. Here’s everything David has to say about that powerful scene and what we can expect from Hopper in Stranger Things four volume two.

David Harbour says it took about ten different takes

via Netflix

In an interview with IndieWire, David Harbour revealed that they shot the moment Hopper and Joyce reunited multiple times. Finally after “about 10 takes” David suggested his own version which actually made it to the final cut. He says: “It’s an amazing moment. And the problem with amazing moments are that you read them in the script and you’re just like ‘Fuck’. You feel the pressure. Here it is: He’s been away, he feels like he’s killed her. He’s in such despair, and then lo and behold, his miracle, his knight in shining armour who saves him is this woman that he cares so much for. It’s such an epic, incredible moment and we shot it a bunch of different ways.

“Initially there were some that we did where she’d run over to me and I just embraced her right there and then. We did about 10 takes of it, and then I was like, ‘You know what I think it ism man?’ I think he’s so in survival mode, I don’t even think he thinks he’s real.’ So when she comes over to him there’s this moment where he kind of stares, pulls her away from him and looks at her, and then embraces her again.”

‘You’re going to see Hopper be more vulnerable and more powerful’

When asked what to expect from volume two, David told IndieWire: “It’s the race to the finish. What you’re gonna see is us sprinting as hard as we can – not only are you going to see the Duffers sprinting there cinematically in this epic, extraordinary way, but you’re going to see all the characters doing more and you’re gonna have these epic action sequences. In terms of Hopper’s arc, you’re going to see him be more vulnerable and more powerful than you’ve ever seen, and I’m just so excited for you. I can’t talk about it anymore. I need you guys to watch. I think you’re gonna be blown away.”

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