None of us can wait for volume two so here are a load more Stranger Things four memes

I am not emotionally ready for this to end

Stranger Things four comes to an end this week with the drop of volume two and I’m not emotionally ready for it to be over. This season has proved the Stranger Things fandom is thriving and I’ve never been happier to be part of it. Volume two’s trailer looks like complete carnage so whilst we wait and debate who is going to die here are 27 Stranger Things memes to tide you over.

1. Gorgeous girlies

2. I need it now

3. Yeah, pretty much

4. I’ll never be ready for his death

5. Not this

6. SO in love with her, right???

7. Papa issues loool

8. I need you to show some RESPECT

9. I would die for Will Byers

10. No because what the hell was that?

11. We cannot protect them all

12. I forgot they haven’t even been reunited yet

13. That third pic of Joyce is so funny

14. No Robin, not this

15. Looooooool

16. It has to happen, they have to be together again

17. It’s heartbreaking

18. The truth hurts!

19. She’s got a bit of a problem

20. I feel so seen

21. Erm, I am sobbing

22. Get them to Enzo’s right this second

23. They’re such a vibe

24. Why did we never question this? They were rag dolls!

25. So excited but so worried

26. They will return to complete carnage

27. Lmaoooo


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