Stranger Things four deaths

Here’s a rundown of everyone who actually died in Stranger Things four volume two

I really didn’t expect some of these

*Obviously there are some major Stranger Things deaths spoilers ahead*

Stranger Things four came to an end last week after Netflix dropped volume two and the Duffer brothers didn’t lie, there were multiple deaths. For weeks now fans of the show have been trying to work out who actually dies in volume two. The final two episodes were pure carnage, chaos and possibly the best few hours of our lives. At different points throughout episode nine, it was hinted that no one was safe and at least one major character would die. A lot happened, so here’s a rundown of all the deaths from Stranger Things four volume two.

Dr Martin Brenner was the first death

Stranger Things four deaths

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Before going into volume two we knew the penultimate episode was called “Papa” but still no one questioned the possibility of Dr Brenner dying. Anyway, his death took a hot minute. Everytime I thought he was a goner he then came back and moved a limb or something – it was a strange one.

So in volume two, Eleven finally has her powers back and she’s ready to go head-to-head with Vecna in order to save her friends in Hawkins. However Brenner disagrees and wants to keep El in the tank working in order to make sure she’s strong enough to fight Vecna. In an attempt to keep her in the tank, he puts an electric collar around her neck. Shortly after the lab is swarmed by the military and Lt Colonel Jack Sullivan who’s hunting Eleven down for all the murders in Hawkins.

As the lab is taken over with military officials, Dr Brenner attempts to get Eleven safe but is shot in the process. Then in his dying moments he releases her from the collar which helps her escape.

Jason died too

It’s okay to be happy about this death.

The next death was Max Mayfield

Technically Max did die. Lucas revealed the doctors said Max’s heart stopped for over a minute but shen then came back to life. Eleven doesn’t reveal she’s responsible for Max’s survival but Will and Mike are aware she is.

Eddie Munson’s death was heartbreaking

Stranger Things four deaths

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Basically the gang had this huge plan to attack Vecna. Max had to lure him in, Eddie and Duatin had to distract the demobats and finally Steve, Robin and Nancy had to go in and attack him. It was a complex plan to say the least. Dustin and Eddie were both using themselves at bait. It works and they both head back to enter the real world. But Eddie decides to stay behind in the Upside Down and give the rest of the gang the best chance of defeating Vecna whilst Dustin is back in the real world.

By the time Dustin finds him he’s bleeding out. It’s a very emotional scene and possibly the hardest fans have ever cried at any Stranger Things death. The scene ends with Eddie telling Dustin: “I love you, man” and dying.

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