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Okay so here is every detail we know so far about Stranger Things season five

If the Duffer Brothers aren’t bringing Eddie back we’re not interested x

Stranger Things 4 has only just ended, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t hankering after every tidbit of information they can get their hands on when it comes to season five, confirmed to be the final of the series by The Duffer Brothers. Here’s everything we know so far about season five of Stranger Things – including release date, plot details and episode amount and length.

Release date

Stranger Things 5 is heavily rumoured to be out in 2024. The Duffer Brothers have always said they had the full narrative for the show mapped out and wanted to tell it in four or five seasons, that ended up being five as there was too much to fit into four. They’ve said recently that they’re starting to write season five in August 2022 – and since there’s (likely) not going to be a pandemic delay to hold up production a release date for the show of 2024 is highly likely.

David Harbour also told GQ that they’re planning on filming in 2023, and that he expects season five to be out mid 2024.

Time jump

All seasons of Stranger Things have a bit of a time jump. If track record is to go by, then season five will take place at the earliest of 1987. However, with the end of season four the issue of the Upside Down bleeding into Hawkins seems very much in the moment so it would make sense for the storyline to continue straight away.

It will all be in Hawkins

Season four was all over the place when it came to locations. The cast were all separated, literally across continents. For season five, Stranger Things is going to keep all the cast in one spot for its final season, The Duffer Brothers have confirmed.

Will Byers will be important

The entire plot of Stranger Things started with the abduction of Will Byers as he got taken to the Upside Down – and The Duffers have confirmed he will be vital for the final season. Apparently, the whole plot starts and ends with Will. Vital – considering he feels connected to Vecna still every time he’s back in Hawkins.

Upside Down time explained

One huge unresolved detail from this season is why the Upside Down Hawkins is stuck in a certain time – season five will conclude this storyline.

Episode lengths

Apparently, the episode lengths will not be as long for season five of Stranger Things as they were in season four. But the finale will still be a big beast.

Spin offs?

There’s been a lot of talk about Stranger Things spin offs, which is very exciting considering that although the mainline story will conclude with season five it’s not all over. I’m going to need Max to fully recover in season five so Sadie Sink gets to helm her own show. I speak it into existence

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