Stranger Things four ending explained

It was pretty chaotic so here’s the Stranger Things four volume two ending explained

I am seriously confused

*This is a Stranger Things four ending explained so yes, there are spoilers*

Stranger Things four came to an end recently and after watching it fans have realised that the ending needs to be explained. It felt rushed and a bit messy but here’s everything we know from how the final two episodes finished. Starting with Max Mayfield and her current state.

Max gets out alive thank god

Okay so it’s two days later but we know Max made it out alive. She’s in a coma. Both her arms and legs are broken and there’s a chance she could be blind. Lucas has been staying with her but it’s obviously not looking good.

Steve, Nancy and Robin made it out of the Upside Down

Stranger Things four ending explained

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So Steve, Nancy and Robin all went into the Upside Down and attempted to destroy Vecna but unfortunately they couldn’t handle it. Max was killed for one minute in the process and Vecna’s clock opened the gates between the normal world and the Upside Down. News reporters from Hawkins announced around 20 people were actually killed in the “earthquake”.

Max, Will, Argyle, Jonathan and Eleven reunite with everyone

Nancy sees Jonathan for the first time and it’s so awkward. They hug and Steve looks destroyed to be honest. Dustin tells Eleven and Will about Max and they all go to visit her in the hospital.

Robin, Steve and Nancy go to the school gym which has been turned into a shelter. Dustin tells Eddie’s uncle that his nephew died a hero. Argyle, Mike, Will, Nancy, Eleven and Jonathan all go to Hopper’s old cabin to try and clean it up. This is so Eleven can hide from the government. Will and Mike have another deep chat where he tells Mike he can feel Vecna. We find out from Will that Vecna is just hurt, not dead and he won’t stop until he’s destroyed everything and everyone. Juat what you want to hear after that huge fight.

Stranger Things four ending explained

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Eleven goes to her old room, keeping the door three inches open. Hopper then came in which was emotional. Joyce is there too so you can imagine the emotions we felt watching that.

Then it starts to snow in Hawkins but obviously it’s Upside Down related because the sky goes dark and Will does that thing where he touches the back of his neck. They all then walk out into a field of lowers to look at Hawkins but the field is half dead. It’s just like what Vecna showed Nancy – the Upside Down is in Hawkins.

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