Omg! Steve and Billy were originally written as the same character in Stranger Things

I don’t want to imagine a world without the Steve Harrington we know and love

Stranger Things creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, have revealed that Steve and Billy were originally written as the same character. It’s so hard to imagine because the characters are so different now but I guess in season one Steve was just an arrogant jock at his school. Plus when Billy was introduced in season two he was the biggest villain in Hawkins but by the end of season three he was ready to sacrifice himself in order to save others. So maybe they’re not so different.

It’s hard to imagine but the Duffer brothers have revealed Steve and Billy were the same character in the original script. Here’s everything they said about the original plan for both Billy and Steve in Stranger Things.

According to Vulture, the Duffer brothers said: “Dustin was initially described as just a ‘fat friend’ and, perhaps most controversially, Steve and Billy were meant to be the same character before season two.”

Apparently Ross Duffer has previously said introducing Billy was one of their first ideas for season two. He said: “Stephen King always has evil, but very human, characters in his work. Originally, that was going to be Steve, and then we fell in love with Joe Keery and we took his energy and spun it in a different direction. But we still wanted that human villain.”

So in short, it sounds like Steve would have taken on Billy’s role in season two and become the host for the Mind Flayer. We’re not sure how it works with Max Mayfield being his younger sister or whether Steve would have died in season but I can’t imagine Steve being evil.

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