This character was supposed to die in the original plan for Stranger Things four

Thank god they changed their minds

*Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things four*

Stranger Things show creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, have revealed a fan favourite character was meant to die in season four.

Matt Duffer told Collider there was a version of Stranger Things four where Dimitri, also known as Enzo, didn’t make it. He said: “Then he ended up making it. but that’s the most radical departure from the original idea versus what we ended up with.”

In Stranger Things four we saw Dimitri make a deal with Hopper to help him escape. However they were both betrayed by a new character, Yuri Ismaylov. Dimitri quickly became a fan favourite, especially after he helped Joyce, Murray and Hopper all escape Russia.

In terms of writing a good ending, the Duffer brothers said “sticking the landing” is always the goal when they set out to write a new season of Stranger Things. Ross said: “For Matt and I, it’s such an important part. So when we’re breaking a season, one of the first things we’re talking about is, where do we want this story to end up? Evan as we’re breaking episode one we know exactly where we’re going. I don’t think we’ve deviated truly in any season for the finale, we’ve always stuck to it. And I believe the case is the same here.”

Also the Duffer brothers revealed they already know where season five will end. I’m shaking!

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