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Stranger Things four theory says Suzie’s house had clues about volume two, and I’m shook

Literally *everything* matches up!!!

Stranger Things four may now be well and truly over, but that doesn’t mean the whole world is still obsessed with it and coming up with so many theories, to try and tide ourselves over until whenever we finally get the next season. The latest Stranger Things season four theory revolves around Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie, and it says that when Will, Mike and the others went to Suzie’s house in volume one, everything that happened there was a clue and actually foreshadowed what happened in volume two.

Warning: Stranger Things season four volume two spoilers ahead

So, we know that in Stranger Things four volume one Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle were trying to figure out where to find Eleven, and ended up going to Dustin’s girlfriend’s Suzie’s house to try and get her help. We first saw Suzie in Stranger Things season three, where she was Dustin’s girlfriend from camp – some of the characters had a theory that he was making her up but she ended up giving Dustin a crucial clue (telling him Planck’s constant) that helped them save the day, and the two sang Never Ending Story together.

The Stranger Things four theory says Suzie and her house mirror volume two – it says her dad is like Vecna

In season four, the California lot go to see Suzie in Utah and she helps hack a computer and get the location of where El is being kept. The house is full of loads of her siblings, who are all causing chaos and the gang end up getting them to help with distracting Suzie’s dad so she can use his computer. There’s a new Stranger Things theory that says Suzie, her house and all the kids there actually foreshadowed what happened in Stranger Things four volume two, specifically the final Piggyback episode.

The Reddit theory says loads of aspects of what happens with Suzie and in her house mirror what went on to happen later in the season. We see Will, Mike and the others walking into her house in Salt Lake City, just as Max and Lucas walk into Victor Creel’s house – both “with a common goal to defeat/trick an adult male figure”. It says Suzie’s dad loosely reflects Vecna – they’re both working on projects in the upper level of their respective houses (Suzie’s dad’s office vs Vecna’s attic), and both make a point of going down the stairs.

stranger things, four, volume two, theory, suzie, house, siblings, dad, vecna

Everything Suzie’s siblings do then happens in the final battles in the Stranger Things four ending

Suzie’s siblings also reflect season two plot lines, the theory says. We see a pair of them sword fighting, and they block their dad when he’s on the stairs. The theory says they mirror Dustin and Eddie, who go into the Upside Down with swords to draw the demobats away from the others, distracting them so Robin, Steve and Nancy can go into Vecna’s lair – just like the children in Suzie’s house do with their dad, so Suzie and the Stranger Things gang can get into his office.

One of Suzie’s sisters is pretending to choke and convulse on the floor, screaming that she’s been bitten. “Fast-forward to the end of the episode and you’ll realise that she is directly mirroring Steve getting attacked by the demobats”, it says – and then the same thing happens with Eddie in volume two.

Her youngest sibling, Cornelius, keeps playing around with turning the lights on and off, and communicating through lights has been a key plot point in Stranger Things right from the start, with Joyce’s fairy lights in season one. In season four we saw the characters in Hawkins use it to communicate with those in the Upside Down, and Max, Lucas and Erica also used lamps in the Creel’s house to figure out where exactly Vecna was.

There’s another pair of Suzie’s siblings cooking in the kitchen, and one of them yells: “That’s too much salt!” The theory says this could mirror the sensory deprivation tank the gang made for Eleven – with loads of salt in the pizza freezer, like the one in the school in season one. “Also, later on they started a fire in a saucepan to distract their father”, it says. “We know that fire is the Upside Down’s kryptonite” – it’s how we see Steve, Robin and Nancy defeat Vecna (setting him and his vines on fire) and Hopper also uses fire to tackle the Russian demogorgon.

The theory did also warn one character may be in trouble. “If this allegory turns out to be true, then I’m worried for Mike”, it says. “Right after he knocks on the door, Cornelius opens it and shoots him in the forehead with a toy arrow.” Could this be a clue for season five??

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