Quiz: Can you guess the Stranger Things season based off just one screenshot?

Steve will only date you if you get full marks

How well do you remember Stranger Things? Could you recite every single episode word-for-word? Could you tell what season it is based purely from the state of Will Byers’ awful bowl cut? Basically, do you know Stranger Things so well that Erica would laugh in your face and call you a huge nerd??

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then this is the quiz for you. It’s easy – look at the Stranger Things screenshot, and simply guess whether it was taken from season one, two, three or four. Draw on all your Stranger Things knowledge of the plot, haircuts, outfits, and deaths, to try and figure out where the screenshot was taken from. Call yourself a Stranger Things nerd? Come on then mouthbreather, this should be easy:

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