Hear me out, the Stranger Things four ending felt a bit lazy and rushed – here’s why

It really wasn’t as good as fans were hoping

Stranger Things four ended last week and whilst the ending was okay, it also felt really rushed and just a bit lazy. I feel as though we weren’t given the ending we deserve and there are a couple reasons why. For example why did no one care about Eddie’s death at the end? And Eleven’s newfound powers to bring someone back to life feel more convenient than anything else. The Stranger Things fan base were cheated out of the ending we should’ve had – here’s how.

No one other than Dustin acknowledge Eddie’s death

Ok so the biggest issue I had was the fact everyone forgot about Eddie’s existence apart from Dustin. His body was also presumably left in the Upside Down. No one even bat an eyelid at his death which seems unrealistic. Plus, why the hell were they all smiling after two days?? Their mate just died and their town is falling the apart.

Where was Murray at the end?

Stranger Things four ending explained

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I wanted to see Murray at the reunion too! He’s been present just as much as Joyce so to write him out of the ending was a bit harsh. A

The Vecna storyline was too perfect and tidy

I feel like this entire plot was the main focus for the writers this year. Which makes sense because it is complex with all the twists but also I feel like other aspects of the plot were dropped as a result.

No major deaths in the show

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Sure Eddie was a loveable character but he was the only real big one we got. Dr Brenner and Jason also died but none of them felt like it would have a lasting effect in the show. It felt like the Duffer brothers took an easy way out by killing off semi-big characters.

Where did Hopper’s mediaeval sword come from?

This was so ridiculous. Also in volume one we literally saw him break his ankle to get out of those chains and now he’s slaying a demogorgon. It doesn’t make sense!

Eleven’s sudden power of being able to bring people back to life

Sorry where has this power been for the last three seasons? Did she not want to try with Billy in season three? Or anyone else for that matter? It felt like the show’s creators wanted to kill off a big character but were scared to commit to it fully. Just like season three when they killed Hopper off but then brought him back.

The vines strangle Robin, Nancy and Steve for ages

Stranger Things four ending explained

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So when they go into Victor Creel’s house to kill Vecna they get caught round the neck by vines. They were stuck here for 40 minutes but still didn’t get strangled to death. Just seems weird.

What happened to Dr. Owens?

We had to sit through Dr. Brenner dying for what felt like five hours but Dr. Owens didn’t get a peep of screentime after a certain point.

The reunion at the end had no impact

Look, the big reunion at the end felt anticlimactic. Eleven sees Hopper and it wasn’t emotional at all. I wanted something bigger, not a “two days later” text pop up and then all the soppy stuff happening.

Also can we remember that this season had three groups: the California lot, the Hawkins group and those in Russia. The main cast were finally reunited as a whole and there was barely any talking. I think season five needs to be shorter for a start, this should help it be more straight to the point.

Don’t get me wrong, Stranger Things four is the best season in the show but it could’ve been better in so many different ways.

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