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These 34 Stranger Things four volume two memes are more amusing than Will Byers’ bowl cut

Jopper’s kiss was sexy and no one can tell me otherwise

Stranger Things four finally came to an end last week and what an ending it was. No one could have predicted what was going to happen but the scale of it all was mad. As always fans of the show have gone wild for it on Twitter and the reactions have been jokes. Here’s 34 Stranger Things four volume two memes which are more funnier than Will Byers’ tragic bowl cut.

1. Literally all of us right now

2. Loooool

3. Power couple

4. Stop it

5. Vecna is so sick of Kate Bush

6. End of!

7. That photo of Will is so cursed

8. Please not this

9. Honestly where the hell did this sword come from?

10. Uhhh I still think Vecna is a pretty big villain

11. ‘Don’t ya, big boy?’

12. Who took this photo of me??

13. Retweet!

14. I am screaming

15. The photo of Finn Wolfhard showing his middle finger is iconic

16. Oh my god

17. How did his little bowl cut do it?

18. Sadie Sink is the best actress

19. In short, yeah

20. I hate it

21. I was ready to throw hands

22. Our boys

23. Not again!

24. Majestic

25. Fair play my dude

26. Nothing but facts

27. Omg he is very Riverdale

28. She was fuming

29. Max’s mask from season two!!

30. Erica would smash it

31. Yep

32. I need some time to myself

33. SO fine

34. Okay now I am sobbing

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