Take this quiz and find out which Stranger Things character would be your best friend

If I don’t get Max I will RIOT

Stranger Things has a lot going for it – iconic quotes, gripping storylines and incredible special effects. But one of the best bits of the whole show is the friendships. Notably the main gang – Eleven, Max, and the boys, Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin. I honestly just want to be best friends with them all, I mean imagine going for a Scoops Ahoy or a pizza with them all. The dream x

But if you were in Stranger Things, which character would be your ultimate best friend. With Eleven as your bestie, she’d be super protective and always look after you. Max would back you in any fight, and you’d never be bored with her as your best friend, and with Lucas as your bestie he’d always be planning fun stuff for you guys to do together – and you’d naturally go to the cinema loads.

Would you be Will’s best friend, help bring him out of his shell and have fun just chilling at home together? Or would you be Mike’s best friend and spend your whole time going on double dates with him and El? And if Dustin was your best friend he’d give you great music recommendations, and he’s the comedian of the group so the two of you would never have a dull moment.

So who would it be? Take this quiz to find out which of the Stranger Things characters would be your best friend:

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