He’s a 10 and is still a 10 because he relates to these 15 memes

He’s a 10 but has his height in his Tinder bio x

TikTok comes up with some of the best trends and Twitter does all the work in ensuring the trend never dies, especially when it comes to the “She’s a 10 but” and “He’s a 10 but” memes trend. Picture it like this, have you ever matched with someone on Tinder, thought they were a 10, and then one of their photos on their profile is with a fish? This trend has been going around for a month and shows no signs of slowing down and just goes to show how painfully relatable everyone actually is.

Some of the “He’s a 10 but” memes have been classics and you probably know someone who fits the description or maybe you can relate to them a bit too much. This could just mean every guy is an ick, and that’s understandable. Have a read of these 15 “He’s a 10 but…” memes, and come to terms with how much of an ick people are:

1. There’s no overlooking that one tbh

2. 👀👀👀

3. Why make your life harder?

4. A four maybe x

5. Makes him an 11 I’d say

6. Throwing up brb

7. Boriiiiing

8. It just works well that way

9. This could be the biggest ick yet


11. J’adore

12. Never <3

13. A two

14. Oh Ben

15. The only 10 to ever exist

Featured Image credit before edits via Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

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