This mad theory says exactly what will happen next with Will and Vecna in Stranger Things

Nothing is off the cards at this point, and I’m loving it

Right now, Stranger Things theories have us all in a chokehold. Whether it be hidden clues in the show’s promo posters, hints in the houses of the characters, or theories that Eddie isn’t dead – whatever gets dished up, I’m eating it all. And right now, Reddit is discussing a theory about what could happen between Will and Vecna moving forward into Stranger Things season five.

There have already been some pretty well-established theories claiming Stranger Things 5, which is the last season of the show, will end with a full circle – the show began with Will and so it will end with him. However this theory goes into a lot of depth – saying Vecna is going to possess Will, and use his body to come back into human form.

Stranger Things fans on Reddit have a theory about what will happen to Will and Vecna in season five

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Will has always been connected to Vecna, and at the end of Stranger Things 4, his link was looking stronger than ever. People on Reddit are now suggesting this will progress into Vecna using Will’s body as a host. One person said: “My own idea at the end of season four is that Vecna’s consciousness has gotten a full hold of Will’s body. It also appears that Will and Vecna share many similarities, one of them is their mutual penchant for painting or drawing.

“Since we are given a hint in season four that Will has become quite keen on painting and he doesn’t show his creations to anyone (barring one that he showed to Mike), in my view, he’s slowly evolving into Henry Creel and perhaps his paintings are also taking an ominous theme.

“It’s also remotely possible that he’s sired by Henry/Vecna, maybe through an anonymous donation through a fertility clinic? The inner angst of Will is somehow also reflective of his struggle between the forces of evil and good and in this whole season he’s remained somewhat aloof.”

Stranger Things fans on Reddit have a theory about what will happen to Will and Vecna in season five

via Netflix

Will isn’t the only one to have a theory linking him to Vecna in Stranger Things. There has previously been a very similar theory dotting around for Max. The theories about Vecna possessing Max and using her says that he will use her body “like a vessel”, with one person saying “basically her body is an empty shell for Vecna to possess” and another saying he has “kidnapped” Max’s mind.

So, is it looking like one of the most vulnerable members of the gang will be used by Vecna as a host? At this point, I need all the theories to become true, somehow.

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