Stranger Things four theory says Eddie isn’t dead and he’s just stuck in the Upside Down

This actually makes *so* much sense

Stranger Things four came to an end ages ago but the world isn’t ready to let go just yet. One character in particular, Eddie Munson, stole our hearts and lives rent free in our minds. The latest Stranger Things theory revolves all around him and claims he’s not actually dead – he’s just stuck in the Upside Down. Here’s a rundown of the Stranger Things four theory which says Eddie isn’t dead.

The Iron Maiden album says ‘Eddie Lives’ on the side

Stranger Things four deaths

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The album which Eddie holds in the “This is music” scene is Iron Maiden’s album called Somewhere In Time and on the right hand side of the cover it says “Eddie lives”.

A fan of the show on Reddit pointed out a few of the songs on the album are called “Caught Somewhere in Time”, “Wasted Years”, “Sea of Madness” and “Stranger in a Strange Land”. In terms of Iron Maiden, Eddie is the mascot and character on the album – it shows him being trapped.

The Reddit user says: “I don’t really think this could be a conincidence, while I don’t agree with every choice the Duffer brothers have made, they’re also not dumb by any means. They know what they’re doing, they’ve planted the most subtle hints seasons ahead of time, so what are the chances of them accidentally suing a band where their actual character has the same name and a lot of parallels? Especially some of the song titles, specifically Sea of Madness and Stranger in a Strange Land, those both feel very specific and I would absolutely say those feelings and circumstances apply to Eddie Munson in the UD.”

This isn’t the first theory to say Eddie is alive and it won’t be the last but it’s wild how believable it actually is.

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