Stranger Things fans have a theory that we already know what will happen in season five

I am so invested

Stranger Things fans have come up with a theory which reckons a huge part of the season five plot was revealed in a scene from season four. The Duffer brothers recently announced the show will end after the fifth season. Since season one, the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons has been a massive theme throughout. The gang are always naming the monsters they fight after creatures in the game, such as Vecna, the Mind Flayer and demogorgons.

In the first episode of Stranger Things four, fans were introduced to the Hellfire Club which was led by Eddie Munson. During that episode, Eddie leads the Hellfire Club in a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. In the game, the players come across hooded cult members who aren’t recognised until they lower their hoods. However there is one the gang doesn’t recognise, a figure with a shrivelled, desiccated skin who is missing his left arm and left eye. This is then revealed to be Vecna. At the end of the game, Dustin rolls an 11 but that’s not enough to kill Vecna. Erica then rolls a 20 and kills the villain.

Fans of the show reckon Eddie’s campaign reveals major parts of season five. If Eddie’s campaign does reveal the plot of Stranger Things five then we’ll see Vecna back with a brutal vengeance. Here’s everything we could expect in Stranger Things five based on a wild fan theory.

Vecna’s victims from season four could come back as his cultists

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So Vecna’s victims in season four were Chrissy, Fred, Patrick, Eddie and maybe Max. Based on Eddie’s campaign, this would suggest Vecna’s victims could be reanimated as his hooded cultists, as one of Vecna’s illusions or by some darker method.

This adds to the suggested theory that fan-favourite Eddie could come back for season five.

Vecna doesn’t stop until there are only two players left

The Vecna is Eddie’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign that doesn’t stop until all but two players are dead. Which obviously, isn’t ideal considering how many characters we know and love in Stranger Things.

I’m shook.

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