This fan theory about 008 helping Eleven defeat Vecna in Stranger Things five is wild

It’s all to do with Erica and the Hellfire Club omg

Stranger Things four came to an end well over a week ago but fans are still going feral for it. The latest fan theory is all about 008, or better known as Kali.

Fans clocked how one scene at the start of Stranger Things four not only predicted the final battle between Eleven and Vecna but also suggested the return of Kali and it’s all down to the Hellfire Club. I know, it’s wild!!!!

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Back in Stranger Things four episode one, the Hellfire Club face off against Vecna in Eddie’s final Dungeons and Dragons campaign and it falls to Dustin and Erica to take their final rolls of the dice to try and beat Vecna themselves. Dustin rolls the dice first and it lands on 11 which results in him losing to Vecna. Fans then clock a link between this and Eleven not being enough to properly kill Vecna for good. But this isn’t the end of the theory obviously. Erica gets the final roll and lands a 20 – this is where fans think Kali comes into it.

If you’ve forgotten, Kali is number Eight and was a Hawkins Lab child. She escaped at some point before the massacre and was a key role in Eleven’s season two storyline but unfortunately we haven’t seen her since.

So the importance of Erica rolling a 20 is because both 11 and eight added together makes 19, right? And you need one to make 20. Suggesting that Eleven and Kali both have the combined powers of One meaning they are enough to defeat Vecna together. Eleven is telekinetic as we know and Kali has mind manipulation powers meaning she can create hallucinations and visions. Just like Henry Creel.

I am SHAKING – I want this to be real so bad.

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