All the characters who were meant to have different death storylines in Stranger Things 4

Some characters died but had alternative scripts where they survived, and others were meant to die but didn’t

Stranger Things 4 was by far the wildest season of the show so far. However, some people have complained that we were promised big deaths among main characters, and nothing really came of it. Some characters did have death written into their original Stranger Things 4 storylines but they ended up surviving, and there was also an alternative ending for one character who died, which would have seen him survive.

It could have been so different! Here’s a rundown of all the different script alternatives there were with the deaths in Stranger Things 4.


Characters in Stranger Things 4 on Netflix who had alternative death storylines and endings where they survived or died

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Dimitri, also known as Enzo, was actually meant to die in Stranger Things 4. Matt Duffer told Collider there was a different version of the script, which saw the character not surviving. “Then he ended up making it,” he said. “But that’s the most radical departure from the original idea versus what we ended up with.”


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The Duffer Brothers have confirmed the original plan for Stranger Things 4 was to kill off one of the gang – our very own Max. Max went through hell in this season. It looked like she might have been killed by Vecna in volume one, and then in volume two she was in a coma after having her bones broken and being blinded by Vecna. She technically died for one minute before Eleven revived her, but the original plan was to have her die permanently.

“It was discussed as a possibility,” Ross Duffer said. “For a while that is what was going to happen. But we ended up in this… we wanted to end it with a little more of a question at the end of the season. It’s still really dark and if Max is going to be okay, we just don’t really know. We wanted to leave it up in the air moving forward into season five.”


Characters in Stranger Things 4 on Netflix who had alternative death storylines and endings where they survived or died

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By now, it’s no spoiler what happened to Eddie. His is one of the Stranger Things 4 death storylines that hit us hardest. We’re all still not over it, I shed a tear every single day, and there’s even a petition to have him back. Whilst the Duffer brothers have said Eddie was always destined to be a “doomed” character, there was an alternative ending for him, which was *slightly* less bad than actual death.

“In a way, we saw Eddie as a bit of a doomed character,” Matt Duffer said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “Even imagining the flip side of that where he does survive the battle is not a great life awaiting Eddie back in the right side up either. He was always really designed from the get-go as a doomed character.”

Ross Duffer added: “At the very end, you see people still drawing devil horns on his head – no one in Hawkins is going to accept a supernatural explanation for this. He would have wound up in jail and this fantasy that he would have been able to walk and graduate sadly was not ever a realistic outcome for him.”

So yeah, the only other alternative for Eddie would have been prison. Sad!

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