Vecna the villain from Stranger Things 4 is now on TikTok

Um guys, Vecna from Stranger Things is now on TikTok and I’m feeling some sorta way

His dances slap, end of

I think everyone needs to be made aware that Vecna from Stranger Things 4 is now on TikTok. He gets millions of views on his videos, and yes, he dances a lot.

The villain’s handle is @vecnalicious86, and he has already managed to gain over 400k followers. He has over 3.5million likes across his videos. The Upside Down is looking pretty vibey, and he’s always doing dances. One of his videos shows him getting pretty stressed out at Kate Bush’s song Running Up That Hill and he only follows one person on the app – Sadie Sink. Clearly Vecna is one bitter man.


Can’t go anywhere without hearing this song.

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

There’s not much to say here more than you need to watch these videos. Another shows him with the “which Stranger Things character are you” filter, and Vecna gets Lucas. “There’s a few other characters I would’ve preferred 😈,” the captions reads. I definitely didn’t think I needed this in my life until I had it, a crossover that truly is a thing of beauty.


There’s a few other characters I would’ve preferred. 😈

♬ original sound – Vecna

Some of the comments on his videos include one which reads: “Omg slayed with that nails bestie”. Another adds: “Stranger Things deleted scenes”, whilst someone else said: “Vecna in his free time”. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the comments are asking why Eddie had to die, and are requesting Eddie comes back.

I can’t stop, and I won’t stop watching all of these?

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