Love Island’s Amber Beckford’s family deletes her Twitter due to vile hate comments

They said they want Amber to have an exciting time now she has left the villa, not a negative one

Love Island 2022 contestant Amber Beckford was dumped from the villa last night with fellow Islander Ikenna after a public vote. While Amber was on the show, she received hate comments on her Instagram posts and was subject to abuse on Twitter from viewers of the show. During last night’s episode, Amber’s family released a statement on Twitter saying they would be deactivating her Twitter account to protect Amber’s wellbeing before she arrives back home.

Amber’s sister, Haylie, had previously spoken out about the hate Amber had been receiving on Instagram. In a tweet, she said: “There is one thing which is having an opinion of Amber and that’s fair enough but when you post comments like this. This is where we need to draw the line. Absolutely disgusting and this isn’t the worst of them.” Haylie attached screenshots of people’s comments, one saying: “Ugly sl*t”.

Pictured is Amber Beckford who was on Love Island

via Instagram @amberbeckford

In a statement on Twitter, Amber’s family said: “Hey all, Amber’s time in the villa has come to an end. We have received some lovely comments and messages and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. However, as most of you are probably aware of some of the vile tweets, messages and posts that are being written about Amber. As Amber’s family and friends this has been extremely hard to see and sometimes sickening. We didn’t want to have to post something like this but please remember that bullying somebody over an hour episode of a televised show is damaging. Bullying and negative comments can be extremely harmful to someone’s mental health and sometimes in worse cases be fatal.

“We will not stand for bullying and harassment. For this reason, we have unfortunately decided to deactivate Amber’s Twitter before her arrival home to protect her mental wellbeing. This is a decision that has been made by Amber’s close friends and family as it’s been extremely difficult for her family and friends to see, and we still want to make this an exciting time for Amber; not a negative one.

“We’d like to thank everyone again for some of the love and to those who have supported Amber on her journey. We wish Amber’s new friends the best of luck in the villa and will continue to support them, please remember to be kind to them also we’re only human. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.”

Featured image credit via @amberbeckford on Instagram.

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