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‘Don’t engage in controversial subjects’: How to be a successful influencer, by Molly-Mae

She’s shared her best tips on how to become an influencer

Molly-Mae Hague has shared her top tips for becoming a successful influencer and they include posting at the right time, sharing authentic content, and avoid engaging in controversial subjects.

Writing in her new memoir “Becoming Molly-Mae”, Molly explained how she creates the perfect post and said posting on Instagram in the evenings is the best time to get maximum interactions.

She said: “Momentum is key to being successful on Instagram, the minute you stop posting the minute you lose the momentum you’ve built.

“I like to post in the evening, because, personally that performs better for me (although on Friday or Saturday I’d probably try to catch people in the morning instead.”

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Molly’s memoir was published just over a week ago and is now a Sunday Times bestseller. In the memoir Molly explained her best performing YouTube videos, which she edits herself, are the vlogs of her daily life, as opposed to sat down videos.

In the last few years Molly-Mae has faced a number of controversies, most recently when she said everyone has the same 24 hours in the day on Steven Bartlett’s podcast. Her comments were called “tone deaf” and prompted comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, Molly eventually apologised for her comments.

However in her book Molly’s advises in order to become a successful influencer, stay away from engaging highly controversial topics. Um, Molly you might want to follow your own advice.

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Molly, who now has 6.4million followers on Instagram, wrote how she posts every day and tries to post “relatable” content on her page.

“People like how my posts aren’t too perfect or preened,” she said, “the outfits that I wear are not hard to achieve, the make up I wear is not hard to do, and the hair isn’t either – it’s all quite relatable.”

One of Molly’s other biggest tips is to stick to one social media platform, despite having accounts on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram herself. However she also recommends starting a YouTube account if you want to get big on Instagram.

She wrote: “If you’re keen to get started, I think it’s important to stick to one platform: TikTok is ‘the one’ right now- and no doubt there will be the next big thing to explore eventually. If you’re looking to grow a following on Instagram, start a YouTube channel too.

‘The other thing I always say is that, if you’re going to start an Instagram page or any other social feed – do it because you enjoy it.”

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