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Um… Molly-Mae got kicked out of a club for breaking a very important rule

Apparently a security guard ‘shouted in her face’

Molly-Mae Hague got kicked out of a club in Dubai for having a camera out, she’s stated in a new video.

According to the influencer, a security guard “shouted in (her) face” before escorting herself and Tommy Fury out.

This seems like another chaotic moment in a string of holiday disasters for the pair – as Molly-Mae was recently struck-down with a “mystery illness” while in Mexico.

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Molly-Mae and Tommy had spent one night of their trip in the Beach Cove club, which is part of the Caesar’s Palace Hotel.

“We have now left Cove,” she said in her vlog, while Tommy told her not to leave the club a bad review.

“That’s not on me,” she continued. “I don’t throw shade, but we basically just got kicked out at the end.”

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“Basically, we were leaving… and I had my vlogging camera in my hand,” she explained. “I wasn’t even vlogging, I just had it in my hand and one of the security guards came up to me and was like, ‘Why have you got that camera? You need to leave. Why did they not check your bag when you came in here? How did you get in here with that camera?’

“Then he tried to escort me out because Tommy was somewhere else, paying the bill… He was really shouting in my face and then fully tried to escort me out of the beach club because I had the vlogging camera.”

She claims “no-one” tried to check their bags when they arrived.

“They did give us a full refund,” she clarified. “Which is good.”

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