The 12 biggest and most shocking revelations from the Selling Sunset reunion

Will they ever stop providing drama?

For the first time ever, season five of Selling Sunset came with a reunion show and it was packed full of revelations and even more drama from the cast.

This season saw some of the biggest arguments yet, breakdowns in friendships and relationships and even an in-office scandal. So, it really was ripe to see the whole cast sit down and discuss everything that went down, in a panel-style show. It was hosted by Queer Eye’s Tan France, who gave the cast no chance of avoiding some of the more awkward and dramatic topics of conversation.

Here are the biggest revelations and things we learned in the reunion episode after season five of Selling Sunset.

Christine has apologised to Davina

The biggest revelations in the Selling Sunset season five reunion show on Netflix

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Host Tan France asked if any of the cast had heard from Christine, who was notably missing from the reunion, and Davina said she had, and that Christine had apologised. It was over the drama with Christine basically saying Davina is a “kiss ass” with the other agents. Davina read out a text from Christine, which read: “I realise I said the word ‘kiss ass’ in an interview clip, not just to Amanza, and I apologise for that. I know it wasn’t nice, I just felt left alone when you and Emma became close and it was hurtful.”

Davina went on to say she doesn’t accept the apology from Christine.

The bribe scandal between Christine and Emma was real

One of the biggest storylines of this season was Christine allegedly bribing a client with $5,000 to not work with Emma. Christine denies this ever happened, and went even further to call it a “produced” storyline for the show.

Speaking on the reunion, Jason said he spoke to the client in question and he was “clear” with what happened. “I don’t think it’s for debate that she did this,” Jason said. Emma added the bribe was “of course” real.

The biggest revelations in the Selling Sunset season five reunion show on Netflix

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‘There is no place for Christine at The Oppenheim Group’

Jason went on to confirm that following the bribe scandal, Christine no longer works for The Oppenheim Group. When Tan France asked what the outcome of the situation was and if Christine was still working for the company, Jason replied: “We haven’t really addressed this situation.” He said Christine hasn’t reached out to him to discuss it, and continued: “Right now, there is not a place for her at The Oppenheim Group.” He went on to say he might reconsider if Christine were to change her behaviour.

Maya’s stillbirth was a ‘freak accident’

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In season five, we saw Maya pregnant. However, it came out in the news that she had a stillbirth at 38 weeks, after filming the show. “I was 38 weeks and apparently it was a freak accident,” she explained. “It was just a bad accident with the cord mixed with some swallowed placenta. I’m doing much better, I have my husband he’s amazing and my kids are great they keep me going.” She went on to say she hopes she can “inspire women” and raise awareness for stillbirth and pregnancy loss. “It helps for other women to know they’re not alone,” Maya said.

Jason is still in love with Chrishell

We were all waiting for Jason and Chrishell to discuss their relationship and breakup in the Selling Sunset reunion. But I don’t think we were prepared for Jason, Chrishell AND Brett to start crying. Jason said there is “a lot of sadness and loss” within him at the moment and there is “still a lot of love” between him and Chrishell. He said he still cares about her very much and “still has as much love for her today as I did then.” He added he is “still in love to some degree.”

There was an unseen conversation between Mary and Jason

The biggest revelations in the Selling Sunset season five reunion show on Netflix

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We saw in the reunion there was unseen scene where Jason and Mary sat down to discuss his breakup from Chrishell. Jason said he went into the relationship hoping he would want children with Chrishell. “The more I thought about it, I went in the other direction,” he admitted. “I just felt like, this is not the time in my life where I want to have a family.”

Mary said she is sorry for how he is feeling, and that she really thought the pair had a good chance together. “I feel like I fucked it up,” Jason replied. “I feel a lot of guilt. I fucked something up that was really good and she’s in pain and I caused that. The love of my life.”

Davina and Chelsea are colleagues, but not friends

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During season five there was a big showdown between Davina and Chelsea, mostly over friendships with Christine. In the reunion, they addressed where this situation was now. Davina seemed happy to move on and become friends again, but Chelsea made it very clear she and Davina are colleagues, but definitely not friends.

Chelsea wanted to join Selling Sunset for the fashion

This season, Chelsea Lazkani joined The Oppenheim Group. She admitted on the reunion that she told casting producers for Selling Sunset that her “wardrobe has been waiting its whole life for this” and said that when she watched the show previously she thought it was just as much a fashion show as a real estate show.

The biggest revelations in the Selling Sunset season five reunion show on Netflix

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The Oppenheim Group has made $2billion!!!!!

Tan France asked Jason if he would be willing to share how much money The Oppenheim Group has made over the years, and Jason just dropped that it’s a casual £2billion. No wonder the twins are so rich!!!

Emma addressed the Olympic swimming story

Sorry, but Emma claiming she was an Olympic level swimmer and it all getting debunked as a lie was one of the highlights of the season. In the reunion, Emma said swimming was her “whole world” from the age of six to 14. “I placed second nationally in backstroke,” she said. “And, I did qualify for the pre-Olympics.” She told us all “don’t worry” because her mom has kept the newspaper clippings from the time and can have her back.

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Emma just outright said she’s still having sex with her ex

Emma didn’t confirm her and Micah are official, but one thing she did confirm is she’s still sleeping with her ex. Oh, and it’s the mutual ex she shares with Christine, who caused all the drama in season four.

Tan France said there have been photos in the press of him and Emma hanging out, and Emma just straight up admitted she is spending “fun” time with him. Tan asked if they’re “still smashing” and if he’s tasted the latest flavour empanada and Emma said “he might have tested the newest flavour”. She confirmed she is single, but has “double dabbled” with him. Nothing but respect.


The biggest revelations in the Selling Sunset season five reunion show on Netflix

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Most definitely the biggest of the revelations in the Selling Sunset reunion came right near the end, when Chrishell confirmed she is dating Australian musician G Flip. There have been rumours they might be together for a while now, after fans spotted them hanging out and flirty commenting on Instagram. “I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone who is very important to me, their name is G Flip,” she said on the reunion show.

Speaking about having a family, Chrishell said: “I’ve taken some of the pressure of myself as far as what that looks like. I’m just kind of enjoying right now and having a lot of fun, and dating.”

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