Jason says there is ‘no place’ for Christine and she has left The Oppenheim Group

He said there is ‘no debate’ she bribed a client and needs to change her behaviour

It’s been confirmed that Christine Quinn has left The Oppenheim Group, the real estate company from Netflix show Selling Sunset. It doesn’t exactly look like she’s left on good terms either, with founder Jason Oppenheim saying there’s no longer a place for her at the company moving forward.

There had been rumours Christine had left the brokerage at the end of season five, when she was in the centre of a scandal, accused of bribing a client into not working with her colleague and co-star, Emma Hernan. Christine denies this ever happened, and went even further to call it a “produced” storyline for the show.

However, it has been confirmed Christine Quinn has in fact left The Oppenheim Group since the claims. Speaking of the incident on the season five reunion show, Jason said he spoke to the client in question and he was “clear” with what happened. “I don’t think it’s for debate that she did this,” Jason said. Emma added the bribe was “of course” real.

In Selling Sunset season five reunion Jason says Christine Quinn has left The Oppenheim Group

via Netflix

The show host, Tan France, then asked what the outcome of the situation was and if Christine was still working for the company. “We haven’t really addressed this situation,” Jason replied. He said Christine hasn’t reached out to him to discuss it, and continued: “Right now, there is not a place for her at The Oppenheim Group.” He went on to say he might reconsider if Christine was to change her behaviour.

A source confirmed her departure to Us Weekly, and said: “It was Christine’s decision to leave The Oppenheim Group.” Christine’s profile has already been removed from the company website in the “Our Team” section.

Christine said part of her decision to leave The Oppenheim Group was because it didn’t believe in using crypto in real estate sales. Christine has since launched her own real estate company called RealOpen, which allows anyone to buy a house using cryptocurrency.

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