These are the 11 biggest arguments and fights there have ever been on Selling Sunset

And you know there will be plenty more in the future!


There have been so many feuds in Selling Sunset. Every season comes with fresh arguments and drama among the cast members. But quite a few are significantly bigger than others, and see full-scale breakdowns in the relationships between the realtors.

Yep, a lot of the chaos revolves around the one and only Christine Quinn, but there has actually been beef between loads of the girls at some point. Here are all the biggest feuds there have been between the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

The biggest feuds and arguments there have ever been on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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Christine and Chrishell’s drama started in season one

Christine and Chrishell have pretty much never liked one another, not whilst they’ve been on the show at least. Their drama started all the way back in season one, with one particularly big fight coming in the season one finale. Chrishell had asked Davina about Mary and Romain’s relationship and news of the talk trickled down to Christine and Mary. Christine labelled Chrishell “two-faced” for talking about Mary’s relationship behind her back, despite being friendly to her face. Chrishell left the talk, and Christine called her “shady” and a “crazy person”. Yikes.

Season two’s episode ‘Karma’s Gonna Get You’

In season two, there was a big argument between Chrishell, Mary and Christine. In the previous episode, Heather had told Christine that Chrishell and Mary weren’t sure Christine’s relationship was real. Christine expected loyalty from Mary, and it ended in a huge argument where Christine called Mary an “idiot”. She later cleared up that she had meant “looked like an idiot” and Chrishell got herself right in the middle too, sticking up for Mary.

The biggest feuds and arguments there have ever been on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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In season two, Chrishell straight up told Christine they shouldn’t be friends

Also in season two, Christine and Chrishell decided to talk about their friendship. At an event, Christine had named one of her cocktails “Chrishell Two-Faced Tonic” and Chrishell basically just said she didn’t think they could be friends ever again.

Amanza vs Heather

You might have forgotten this one, but there was actually drama between Heather and Amanza! Amanza said Heather had met her now husband Tarek’s children too fast, which was risky if their relationship didn’t work out. “It terrifies me how fast you have met those kids,” Amanza told Heather.

Naturally, Heather was upset and this caused a big argument. “It is going to work out. We are very serious,” Heather replied. “We are going to move in together, and we are moving forward with everything. I’m glad that you are worried about my boyfriend’s children.”

When Romain turned on Davina

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Romain gained icon status when he finally just told Davina exactly what he thought. In the second season of the show, Davina poked fun at Romain, saying he had proposed to Mary with a fake diamond ring. Romain got the last laugh, and demanded Davina wasn’t invited to the wedding – and she wasn’t.

The $75million dollar listing argument

The biggest feuds and arguments there have ever been on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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Sorry, but this is a little bit iconic and is now the ongoing Selling Sunset joke. So, we all know about Davina’s $75million listing with developer Adnan. Jason had never wanted to list the property with The Oppenheim Group, saying it was “embarrassing” because the home was so overpriced. Davina stormed off, but obviously saw dollar signs, and backed herself to sell it and get the commission. She hasn’t.

Davina upset Chrishell at Christine’s wedding, and nobody was having it

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The final episode of season three was the huge winter wonderland themed wedding of Christine and Christian. Chrishell had made the decision to attend, despite initially thinking it would be too much, as she was going through a divorce. At the event, all the girls sat down and spoke about how they were being asked about the divorce during interviews with the press.

“Everyone has their own side in every situation, right?” Davina said, when talking about the split of Chrishell and Justin Hartley. Davina then started talking to Mary about Mary not inviting her to her wedding, and how there were two sides to that story, too. Mary then said “no” and that Chrishell is “family” so the women should support her side no matter what. “We don’t know any details,” Davina continued, despite the fact Chrishell was literally sat opposite.

Mary told Davina what she was saying was “fucked up” but Davina carried on. “Chrishell, Justin has his own side, right?” she asked. “You don’t get married to get divorced. You know that, right?”. Chrishell said nothing and got up and left.

The biggest feuds and arguments there have ever been on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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The Emma and Christine drama about their mutual ex

Emma and Christine having a mutual ex and not being able to agree on their stories about him was pretty much the entire storyline of season four. It came out that Emma and Christine had a mutual ex, which made their relationship a little awkward, especially now they were working together.

Christine accused her ex-boyfriend of cheating with Emma, later saying she was engaged to him at the time. Emma said she dated him after Christine, and she was the first woman he proposed to. Christine said she had ran into Emma and the boyfriend at the gym, whilst they were still dating, and an argument had started when Christine accused them of cheating.

Both women claimed he had proposed to them, however Christine said she didn’t tell anyone at the time apart from Davina. In the show, Davina said Christine never told her anything about a proposal. Awkward.

Christine and Heather were also fighting in season four and the finale ended in Christine crying

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A lot happened in season four and by the end, Heather and Christine had pretty much kissed their friendship goodbye. At the end of the season there was a party and Christine left in tears. Chrishell said Christine is the type of person who will “ruin your life” and everyone was calling out Christine for lying all the time.

At the same party, Heather had wanted to talk things out with Christine, but Christine just replied “I’m good”. They had been arguing over Christine talking to the press about Heather and Tarek. Christine compared the couple to infamous The Hill’s duo, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Heather and her now husband Tarek left the event early because of their ongoing arguments with Christine.

Season five was basically the entire office vs Christine

The last season of Selling Sunset was basically just the entire office having feuds and truly turning on Christine over everything she has done in the past, with Christine saying she felt bullied and ganged up on by the other women.

Some of the biggest feuds in Selling Sunset season five included Christine going to the press and saying she wasn’t invited to Heather’s wedding and Christine saying Chrishell was only getting listings because she’s “fucking the boss”. During season five, Chrishell was dating Jason Oppenheim, but they have since split.

Christine apparently ‘bribing’ a client to not work with Emma

The biggest feuds and arguments there have ever been on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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The final couple of episodes of Selling Sunset season five focused on Christine allegedly bribing a client – one of the first times feuds between the women have turned professional. Emma said she “100 per cent” knew it to be true that Christine had paid a client $5,000 to never work with her again, and work with Christine instead. This caused Jason and Mary to step in, and they organised a meeting with Christine to discuss what had happened and her future at The Oppenheim Group. Christine didn’t show up.

Christine denied the bribe happened, and has since said on Twitter that the storyline was staged. Someone tweeted her about it and she replied: “Omg bless your heart you actually think the show is real”. She replied to another tweet saying the moment was “produced”.

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