Why weren’t Christine and Amanza at the Selling Sunset reunion?

Chrishell has said Christine lied about her reason for not being there 👀

This season is the first time there has been a reunion after Selling Sunset, and given all the drama there has been, it was set to be pretty wild. But everyone was left pretty disappointed when, ahead of the Selling Sunset season five reunion, it was announced that Christine Quinn and Amanza Smith would not be there.

Christine has been at the centre of all the chaos this season, and Amanza has solidified herself as a favourite among the realtors since joining in season two. So why aren’t they there and what has been said about their absence?

Why Christine Quinn and Amanza Smith were not at the Selling Sunset season five reunion on Netflix

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Ok, so why weren’t Christine Quinn and Amanza Smith at the Selling Sunset season five reunion?

Filming for the reunion took place on April 24th, and at the time, it was reported both Christine and Amanza had tested positive for Covid-19. Both women were offered the opportunity to appear on the show virtually, which Amanza does, but Christine said she wasn’t feeling up to it.

However, Chrishell has claimed Christine lied about her illness, and instead just didn’t want to meet up and be confronted by the rest of the cast. Speaking of Christine not being there because of having Covid, Chrishell said on Twitter: “And the lie detector test determined that was a lie.” This came after Christine was spotted on a film set with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga, just three days after she allegedly tested positive.

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