Ranked: The unis where students spend the most on a night out

So are they drinking Grey Goose in Liverpool or what??

The key to a good uni night out is a very simple recipe: good music, decent vibes – and most importantly, not too spenny. Everyone at an objectively terrible uni tries to justify their decision by claiming that “well, the nights out are cheap”.

But word-of-mouth doesn’t cut it anymore and luckily, it doesn’t need to. Thanks to NatWest’s latest student survey, we can now tell you exactly how much students are spending on night’s out at your uni.

Surprisingly, London don’t even claim the top spot. Even with all their posh £8 pints, they somehow don’t spend more than Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds students. Outstanding effort.

Durham students spend the least on a night out – confirming once and for all that they are indeed the most boring students in the country.

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