These are the unis where students are getting the most pocket money from their parents

Cheers mum for the money

University can be extremely spenny – and while some students rely on their student loan or part-time work to get them by, a select group of students are getting most of their income from their parents and family.

NatWest collected stats on how much money students at your uni get from their parents every month, and honestly, it might make you slightly depressed.

Students at Edinburgh and Oxford get the most money from their parents, bagging £314 and £307 a month, respectively. Unsurprisingly, Durham students also have a steady pipeline running to their bank accounts, getting an average of £300. Cheers mum and dad x

Overall, NatWest found that students in more affluent cities and prestigious unis are more reliant on their parents and family to fund their student life.

Here’s how much pocket money students at your uni are getting:

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