This is how many international students go to each Russell Group university

Some unis get over a third of their income from international students

Russell Group unis are getting more and more diverse and new stats from HESA show that between 2019/20 and 2020/21, there was an increase of 48,500 non-UK students.

Universities generally go a long way to attract international students – mostly because they pay way more than the £9,250 UK students fee.

At some Russell Group unis, fees from international students make up nearly a third of their total income.

Out of all the Russell Group, London unis have the highest proportion of international students. LSE, Imperial and UCL top the list – all with over 50 per cent of their student cohort being made up of internationals.

At the other end of the spectrum, Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Nottingham have the lowest, with around only 20 per cent of their students being international.

Oxbridge stand firmly in the middle of table for Russell Group unis, both with a 30 per cent proportion of international students.

The percentage of international students at each Russell Group university:

London School of Economics and Political Science – 67.11 per cent

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine – 52.71 per cent

University College London – 51.10 per cent

The University of Edinburgh – 41.21 per cent

King’s College London – 40.45 per cent

The University of Manchester – 39.49 per cent

The University of Sheffield – 36.79 per cent

The University of Glasgow – 35.66 per cent

The University of Oxford – 33.26 per cent

The University of Cambridge – 32.81 per cent

Queen Mary University of London – 32.66 per cent

The University of Southampton – 31.48 per cent

University of Durham – 29.93 per cent

The University of Leeds – 28.38 per cent

The University of Bristol – 27.16 per cent

The University of Liverpool – 26.74 per cent

The University of York – 25.73 per cent

The University of Birmingham – 25.25 per cent

The University of Exeter – 25.22 per cent

Newcastle University – 23.82 per cent

Cardiff University – 23.05 per cent

University of Nottingham – 21.56 per cent

Queen’s University Belfast – 19.65 per cent

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