Revealed: The degree subjects with the most guys and the most girls

No points for guessing which has the most guys

It may be an unspoken thing, but everyone’s aware: there are simply some degree subjects which have far more guys in and some with far more girls in.

The stereotypes are largely correct, according to new stats from HESA – over 81 per cent of psychology students are made up of girls, where as 79 per cent of engineering students are guys. Basically if you’re not part of the majority, walking into a lecture will give you a shock.

Along with engineering, computing and maths are the most male-dominated degree subjects. Only 20 per cent of students who study computing are female.

However, the number of female engineering students has increased by nearly a fifth in the previous two academic years, says Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO of the Women’s Engineering Society.

“We are making steady progress in our aim for a world where women are as likely as men to study engineering,” Donnelly told The Tab.

The most evenly-split subjects were history and geography. Maybe because they’re both just really, really boring?

The courses with the highest percentage of male students:

1. Engineering and technology – 79.74 per cent

2. Computing – 78.64 per cent

3. Mathematical sciences – 62.65 per cent

4. Architecture, building and planning – 61.37 per cent

5. Physical sciences – 57.20 per cent

6. Business and management – 52.36 per cent

The courses with the highest percentage of female students:

1. Veterinary sciences – 81.47 per cent

2. Psychology – 81.07 per cent

3. Subjects allied to medicine – 79.41 per cent

4. Education and teaching – 77.18 per cent

5. Language and area studies – 72.21 per cent

6. Social sciences – 66.65 per cent

7. Agriculture, food and related studies – 65.51 per cent

8. Law – 63.59 per cent

9. Combined and general studies – 63.48 per cent

10. Design, and creative and performing arts – 63.28 per cent

11. Medicine and dentistry – 61.58 per cent

12. Media, journalism and communications – 60.67 per cent

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