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QUIZ: Only King Stupid himself could name every single one of these obscure CBBC shows

I swear half of these were a fever dream

Everyone loves rediscovering obscure CBBC shows. Sure, we all remember Tracy Beaker, Prank Patrol and Basil Brush. You could probably name every episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures in reverse order. But what about those long-forgotten kids’ shows which have *somehow* still managed to stick in your brain for the last two decades?

You know the ones I mean – the teen dramas about the dangers of smoking which only ever lasted a single series. Or, the crudely-drawn cartoons which were shown at 6:30PM every evening, just before closedown.

It’s almost embarrassing to bring it up – like, “do you remember the show where the anthropomorphic pig wearing a jumper rode around in a wagon solving mysteries?” Obviously everyone’s going to say no. It sounds like an unbranded sour sweet-induced hallucination.

Now’s your chance to show your friends that actually, you WEREN’T making these up. Do you really know your ninjas from your Cramp Twins? Your jam busters from your bogeys? Test your knowledge of these obscure CBBC shows below:

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