Tall Girl two reactions

Tall Girl two on Netflix is awful so here are 17 memes and reactions completely dragging it

Brb, just reconsidering my Netflix subscription

Since being released on Netflix, Tall Girl two has been dragged non-stop by online reviews and people on Twitter brutally rinsing the movie. But what else can you expect when it’s a movie about the hard life of being a white, wealthy woman who is sentenced to a hard life because of her six foot one stature? The movie is beyond a joke. Anyway, here are 17 Tall Girl two reactions which drag the movie’s entire existence through the mud:

1. The producers knew what they were doing

2. It is pretty horrifying tbh

3. Obviously x

4. There is a lot of this kind of chat

5. I am assuming this is a meme


7. It’s a tricky relationship

8. Is anyone listening to us??

9. Naturally


11. Netflix stop making Tall Girl movies challenge

12. I repeat, Tall Girl was NOT one of them

13. ‘I’ll die before I watch Tall Girl two’ Ffs

14. I support this tweet

15. Not my own back pocket funding a movie about being tall!!

16. ‘Did they make her taller?’

17. Finally, this:

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