The only thing better than We Don’t Talk About Bruno are all these Encanto fan theories

I will not rest until I find out the truth behind these

Look, I’m not about to come out as a Disney adult because I am definitely not one. But regardless of how you identify (this is a safe space x), there is one simple indisputable fact in this world, and it’s that Encanto is a work of ART. Every single aspect of Encanto is sheer perfection, the songs are popping off all over TikTok, and We Don’t Talk About Bruno is nothing short of genius. People everywhere are utterly obsessed, and now everyone has started to come up with some pretty wild fan theories about Encanto.

Here are the Encanto fan theories that have been popping off all over TikTok and Reddit:

Why didn’t Mirabel get a gift in Encanto?

There have been numerous fan theories about why Mirabel didn’t have her own miracle of a gift in Encanto, when everyone else in the Madrigal family has one. One Reddit theory says Mirabel doesn’t have a defining characteristic which could become a gift – which, to be fair, is quite harsh.

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Another one of the Encanto fan theories says that because Mirabel and Abuela are the only ones without gifts, Mirabel might not have a power because she’s going to become Abuela’s successor and be the next person who is in charge of the candle and the Casita.

The Reddit user says: “Mirabel and Alma are the only two people to be able to communicate with the Casita in the movie. This could show some sort of special relationship with the Casita and in turn, the magic in the house.”

Stephanie Beatriz, who voices Mirabel, has her own theory about the gift. She told Digital Spy: “If you really do a close listen to those lyrics, oftentimes it’s just right there. It’s written out there. The miracle is you – all of you, all of you. That line gets repeated a couple of times. And that line could be read a couple of different ways, right?

“All of you – pointing to a group of people. The miracle is all of you guys, right? And the miracle is also all of you – all of who you are; all the parts of you is the miracle. There’s no one alive that’s ever been just like you, and there won’t be again.”

Is the Casita the spirit of Pedro?

In the saddest song of Encanto, Dos Oruguitas, we see that the Casita began because Pedro, Mirabel’s grandfather, sacrificed himself to save his wife and three children. We see him killed by men with swords, and then Abuela’s candle becomes magical and the Casita forms.

This Encanto fan theory says the Casita is the living soul of Pedro. As one TikToker explains, the house does things a parent or grandparent would do – it entertains the kids, tells Camilo off, helps Mirabel find Bruno and ultimately protects the whole family – just like Pedro did.

Is Dolores actually a villain?

One Reddit user has a theory that Dolores is the true villain of Encanto. In We Don’t Talk About bruno, she says she “can always hear him” – so it’s likely she knew he was still in the Madrigal’s house all along. “So why didn’t she say anything, even though she could obviously hear that Mirabel was looking for Bruno? Dolores didn’t even give her a hint as to where to look,” the theory says. “Why wasn’t she trying to help?”

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The theory says Dolores actually wants the magic to go. She is often overlooked because her gift, of being able to hear everything, isn’t as useful to the family as some of their other miracles. She doesn’t really get praised for using it like the others do, and she can see how many of her family members are unhappy and stressed with the burden of their gifts.

She also loves Mariano, who is obsessed with Isabela and her gift – so if Isabela had no gift, Dolores might have more of a shot with him. Dolores is the one to ruin the engagement dinner by telling everyone of the vision Mirabel saw, and the theory says that maybe she wanted to do this.

The theory says Dolores is the villain: “There’s just no other way to explain her having so much power, but not lifting a finger to help Mirabel save the Casita.”

Dolores is a fan-favourite character, however, and it’s unclear whether she actually is a villain or just misunderstood and overlooked.

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