Every Encanto character has a gift, what would yours be? Take this quiz to find out

If I get Bruno’s I’m suing


I can safely say the discovery of Disney’s Encanto is the best thing that’s happened to me in years. Yes, it’s a kid’s film, yes it’s Disney, yes it’s probably lame, but you know what? Every single song in Encanto absolutely SLAPS, and that is a fact absolutely no one can argue with. But aside from We Don’t Talk About Bruno, Surface Pressure, The Family Madrigal, and all the other songs that make Encanto the absolute banger that it is, the plot is actually (whispers) quite good.

huge part of Encanto that the whole plot revolves around is how each character has their very own miracle and gift they’ve been given. Luisa is super strong, Dolores can hear everything that’s happening for miles around, and Isabela can grow beautiful flowers. Camilo shape shifts, Bruno can see the future, and Pepa can control the weather. But you know all the rest from watching Encanto and listening to The Family Madrigal, obvs! Anyway, this quiz will tell you once and for all: If you were a character in Encanto and part of the Madrigal family, what gift would you have as your miracle?

Every Encanto character has a gift, take this quiz to find out what yours would be:

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