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We Don’t Talk About Bruno, but we do talk about getting 10/10 on this Encanto lyrics quiz

Will I ever get these songs out of my head? No, no, no x


Look, Disney is lame. Disney adults are unequivocally lame. But there is one simple fact in this world that no one can argue with: Encanto absolutely slaps. More specifically, every single song in it is an absolute banger. Loads of them have now gone viral on TikTok and it’s easy to see why. Will I ever be able to get We Don’t Talk About Bruno out of my head? No, no, no. “Pressure like a drip, drip, drip” is allllll over TikTok, and it’s physically impossible to listen to Dos Orguitas (the song about the caterpillars) without weeping uncontrollably. Put simply, Encanto is a musical masterpiece.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto has become the first Disney song EVER to reach UK Number One (yes – it’s topped the official UK charts), so it’s clear the country agrees. Surface Pressure (Luisa’s song) is also in the charts right now at number five, and The Family Madrigal (the first song of the film that introduces everyone) is at number 15. They’re all so catchy and are popping off all over TikTok, but how well do you actually know all the lyrics to We Don’t Talk About Bruno and the other songs from Encanto? Put your skills to the test with this Encanto lyrics quiz – go on, you know you want to x

Only Bruno could get full marks on this Encanto lyrics quiz:

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