Every single Encanto song, ranked by just how hard it slaps

Maybe we DO talk about Bruno??

Has anyone been able to escape the absolute hit that is the Encanto soundtrack? Because I certainly have not. The songs have smashed the charts, and it has had multiple songs in the UK Top Ten – they’re all bangers.

Dos Oruguitas makes you weep, Surface Pressure is just way too relatable, and We Don’t Talk About Bruno is nothing short of lyrical genius. They’re all over TikTok and every single song in Encanto is worthy of its own award, but which one is the ultimate banger? Here’s all the Encanto songs, ranked by just how hard it slaps:

8. ¡Hola Casita!

If it is possible to be in love with an inanimate object, then I have found my Valentine’s date in Casita. Sadly, this is barely a song, only lasting under a minute and falling to the bottom of my list. Even though there really isn’t much to say, Casita does give me main character energy. (Still love you though Casita!)

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Look at her. She is an icon, she is the moment. Now come on now!

Same bestie. My flat is now my Casita!

7. What Else Can I Do?

It is probably rude to say, but this song to me is kind of forgettable. Amongst the other memorable and vibrant songs, this fades into the back a little. So whilst hard hitting and beautiful, on a scale of light tap to backhand slap across the room, this is a check-if-I-am-asleep-pinch. Sorry!

It also doesn’t help that this is the second sister song about struggling with responsibility and expectations and whilst it makes just as much sense within the plot, it doesn’t work as well for me.

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I will admit that this is probably my middle child syndrome hating on oldest siblings.

6. All of You

All Of You" Full Song And Lyrics (Encanto) - YouTube

Ok hear me out before you rage. Can you not imagine having a full ensemble musical moment with your family? The idea does kind of touch me in the empty dark hole where my heart should be. I want to have a heart to heart fully choreographed song filled with emotion so this certainly fits with my fantasy.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi shown through this song and even for all their faults (*cough* treating both Mirabel and Bruno so horribly *cough*) you can’t help but see a family just as loving and flawed as most people’s.

5. Waiting on a Miracle

Encanto - Waiting on a miracle (Polish) (S+T) - YouTube

Aren’t we all? It is no secret that I am a Stephanie Beatriz stan, especially as Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99, but compared to the other songs on the list, this just doesn’t hit as much. Musical style protagonist Disney songs aren’t exactly my style but with lyrics about not fitting in, I can maybe, maybe relate. The song does hit where it hurts though and you can’t help but root for sweet Mirabel – she’s trying her best guys, come on.

4. Surface Pressure

Encanto - Surface Pressure Song (2021) Disney - YouTube

Ok, ok don’t hate me for putting Surface Pressure so low on the list but…for a song about the pressure of being an older (middle) sister, many people are missing the point.

As a middle child myself, I can relate to feeling the burden of responsibility. However, musically, for me it just doesn’t hit the way I think it does for others. Luisa is a compelling character though and you can’t help but feel for her in this moment. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful, beautiful song but there are better in my humble opinion.

3. Dos Oruguitas

Encanto - "Dos Oruguitas" Song Clip (2021) Disney - YouTube

Speaking of beautiful, beautiful songs, this is something that would make me cry if I could feel emotions. Emotionally, it reminds me of the beginning scenes in Up and has the same vibe as a Pixar film. I can imagine myself listening to this on Valentine’s Day and crying, either because I am single or because I feel like being a drama queen.

This is definitely a weeping in the dark kind of song and is critically acclaimed for a reason. Even though I sadly don’t speak Spanish (lo siento), I can still feel the emotions that it clearly conveys. As one tweet says: “Ain’t no reason a song should be so good.”

2. The Family Madrigal

I’m sorry but has there ever been a better introduction to characters in a Disney film ever? The answer, of course, is maybe – I’m not a Disney adult so I do not know. It does do a good job of setting up the main conflict in the story and painting a picture of what it is like to feel like an outsider in a family (not that I can relate lol).

It also doesn’t hurt that the dancing and movement is beautifully choreographed. The only bad thing about this song, honestly, is that I didn’t write it. Regardless, this song hits so hard – in fact it slaps harder than most of the songs in the movie. Except one.

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1.We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Um…ok I’m sorry for being basic but is it any surprise that this is number one. Apart from the lyrical and harmonious genius that goes into this song, it is just so catchy. I find myself being violently assaulted by the tune from my own mind (in the best way possible). I literally cannot escape Bruno. The views on YouTube and its place at #1 on the UK charts is proof of the song’s beauty.

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Brb, I’m gonna go listen to the whole soundtrack again.

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