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Still got We Don’t Talk About Bruno stuck in your head? These 17 Encanto memes will help

‘Ok fine you caught me watching Encanto for the 12th time but can you blame me?’


Ever since I watched Encanto, not a single day has gone by without me thinking about We Don’t Talk About Bruno. I mean, how could it not – it’s the most catchy song ever and is ALL over TikTok, as well as being number one in the official UK Charts right now. It’s safe to say, the whole world is obsessed with this new film. I know it’s a kid’s film, I know it’s Disney, I know it’s probably lame, sue me! I don’t care, because every single song in Encanto absolutely SLAPS and not a single person on this earth can argue with that.

People all over Twitter have been obsessed with Encanto and We Don’t Talk About Bruno, making memes out of them as well as all the rest of the songs and characters. Everyone’s saying the same thing – Encanto absolutely bangs and the world is obsessed.

Here are all the best memes and tweets about We Don’t Talk About Bruno, and the rest of the Encanto film:

1. Will I ever get it out of my head? No, no, no

2. It’s too relatable soz x

3. Where is the lie??

4. Rrrrrrats along his BACK

5. Whoopsie

6. It has to be done

7. No no noooo

8. Bruno deserved better tbh

9. Got it on repeat

10. Couldn’t agree more


12. It is x

13. Lol

14. Sick and tired of them tbh

15. Nothing to see here x

16. Ok but we all know this song would absolutely SLAP

17. This song is going to haunt me forever

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