Drag Race UK Versus The World episode three reactions

Just 29 reactions all rioting about last night’s Drag Race UK Versus the World episode

Pangina ended the whole country of Canada last night

Drag Race UK Versus The World is proving to be a very chaotic series. In the first week we said goodbye to Lemon, then in week two Cheryl Hole left the building and last night Jimbo was eliminated. It’s safe to say there will be riots on the streets if another fan favourite is sent packing next week.

Last night Twitter was in uproar after we watched Baga Chipz throw all of her toys out the pram because she didn’t get the part she wanted and our Canadian comedy queen Jimbo was wrongly sent home. Here are the best memes and reactions to last night’s Drag Race UK Versus The World.

1. First Lemon and now Jimbo

2. Jimbo is a comedy queen, end of

3. Someone needs to have words with RuPaul

4. Also her performance had be cackling



7. Kandy Must has spoken, end it

8. I am finished

9. Where is the lie though???

10. Not Baga Chipz saying Jimbo deserved to be bottom lol

11. There aren’t any!

12. Exactly this

13. But will I still tune in next week? Yes


15. End of

16. Lemon and Jimbo going before snatch game is a crime

17. Get your pitchforks!!

18. Confused and traumatised x

19. What an exit

20. RuPaul would love it


22. She served

23. I will never know peace again

24. HOW has Mo Heart not been in the top two yet??

25. ‘I am literally going to get violent’

26. Baga didn’t want to be there and neither did Johannes

27. She must have some serious dirt on Ru

28. ‘Take Jimbo down, do you copy?’

29. Please Jujubee, accept defeat

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