From Dragons’ Den to OnlyFans: What The Apprentice 2019 candidates are up to now

One is going to be in a Netflix show!

The Apprentice is back on our screens now, but there is no denying that the candidates of 2019 were among some of the best the show has ever had, and provided wall to wall drama to make the series more than just a show about business.

But what are they all up to these days? From keeping their businesses going, to launching completely new careers – they’ve been keeping busy that’s for sure. Some are off to uni, others have launched OnlyFans, some have been on different reality TV shows and Carina the series’ winner is making serious bank with Lord Sugar. Here’s what the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are up to now.

Carina Lapore

Where the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are now

via Instagram @carinalepore_

Carina won the 2019 series, securing a £250k investment in her business, artisan bakery Dough Bake House. She’s gone straight into the list of one of the most successful businesses Lord Sugar has ever invested in – in 2020 the company filed profits of £342k. Alan Sugar announced on Instagram in late 2021 that Carina had just opened her third branch of the bakery. Carina has 44k Instagram followers, where she has also been doing some sponsored posts since finding success on the show.

Scarlett Allen-Horton

via Instagram @scarlettallenhorton

Scarlett was 2019’s runner up, who worked in recruitment. She’s the director of global energy and engineering executive search firm, Harper Fox Partners, and has recently been appointed as one of two diversity & inclusion ambassadors by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

She might not have won the show, but Scarlett has since had the investment of Lord Sugar in her recruitment business. In January of 2020, it was recorded on Companies House that Lord Sugar now has a stake of between 25 per cent and 50 per cent of her business. She has also been a keynote speaker at Women In Business & Tech Expo, alongside Karren Brady.

Pamela Laird

Where the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are now

via Instagram @pamela_laird

Beauty brand owner Pamela Laird had a huge awkward moment in the interview stages when she told interviewer Mike delivery for products within the UK should take around four days. He replied saying he’d ordered from her 11 days ago and nothing turned up. Yikes. She was fired, but her beauty business is back and going strong. She runs Moxi Loves, which her website describes as “the hottest name in the industry and is bringing innovative, clever, clean beauty products to the masses”.

She also shares beauty hacks and tutorials on her TikTok page and is a nail technician and beauty expert, with her tips being featured in Vogue. In 2020 she appeared on Dragons’ Den in Ireland, and got offers from three investors for her Moxi Loves Eye Catchers. After the show she received a better offer, and ended up declining the Dragons.

Lewis Ellis

via Instagram @lewis_ellis_

Lewis was also fired after the interviews stage, but it hasn’t damaged his confidence – he’s now started an OnlyFans. His account reads: “You know what … I think life is for living and I want to bring people into my weird world. Lostboy turned businessman … join me on what will surely be an adventure.” He also has an Amazon wish list attached his account – asking subscribers to buy him noise cancelling headphones, gym gear and Tom Ford cologne.

Since his 2019 The Apprentice appearance, Lewis has also now launched a podcast called F*ck The Norm and is the co-founder of luxury travel company, Hiddn Travel. He has a marketing company called Hussel too, and one if its top customer reviews says he helped fellow candidate Pamela with her business’ website.

Lottie Lion

via Instagram @lottie.lion

Librarian Lottie Lion successfully became 2019’s agent of chaos, bringing loads of drama to the series. She reportedly had a “night of passion” with fellow candidate Lewis Ellis and then was banned from all The Apprentice spin-off shows after the series because of complaints against her.

Now, Lottie is in her first year studying Law at Bristol Uni. “I always wanted to pursue higher education, so to get into the University of Bristol studying Law and Social Sciences is a goal I am really proud to achieve,” she said on Instagram. She’s clearly loving life there, her Instagram feed is full of her on nights out in the city. She’s also since spoken out about being on the show, calling it scripted and leaking some of the biggest production secrets.

Dean Ahmad

Where the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are now

via Instagram @deanahmad

Dean joined The Apprentice 2019 having founded his sports management company at the age of 15, and now he’s still going with his love of sport and business. In 2021, Dean co-founded DeFi The Game – a company which says it is “building an ecosystem for athletes and their fans to engage in ways the world has never seen before.” The website says it aims to “bridge the gap between players and fans” and is something do with NFTs. He’s also been doing sponsored Instagram posts with Protein World.

Marianne Rawlins

via BBC

Marianne is from the US, and joined the 2019 cast as a risk management consultancy owner based in Lincolnshire. She was fired in week nine. Not a lot is known about what she’s up to now work-wise, but she’s had a baby since then show, and shares a lot on Twitter about hanging out with her son and husband. She gave birth to her son in 2021 and it looks as though she’s been spending some time in the US, and some in the UK. She’s also been live tweeting this season of The Apprentice, sharing an insider insight into how she thinks the candidates will get on.

Thomas Skinner

Where the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are now

via Instagram @iamtomskinner

Pillow salesman Thomas became a fan favourite in 2019, with everyone thinking he could probably sell ice to an eskimo. His bosh mentality was iconic, and he will forever be one of the best people to ever appear on the show. He has since continued to be successful, as the managing director of The Fluffy Pillow Company. His company portfolio has since expanded to Bosh Beds, which sells bedding, pillows, mattresses, outdoor heaters and randomly a golf club with “Bosh” on it.

Thomas also appeared on Celebrity MasterChef in 2020, and has welcomed a baby with his fiancee. Henry Albert was born in November 2020.

Ryan-Mark Parsons

via Instagram @ryanmarkparsons

Ryan-Mark wasn’t going to be the sort of candidate to disappear after appearing on the show. He was the youngest candidate the show has ever seen, and has stayed in the public eye since. He’s become known as a media personality, columnist and commentator. He is currently a columnist for The Daily Star, and is appearing on the latest series of Celebs Go Dating. If for some reason you would want to, you can pay £59 for a shoutout from Ryan-Mark on Cameo, too.

Jemelin Artigas

Where the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are now

via Instagram @jemelinartigas

Jemelin was fired in week seven of the 2019 series, but is now one of the most followed candidates from The Apprentice ever. The award-winning motivational speaker has 150k Instagram followers. As well as business, Jamelin has had TV roles and has done modelling work. Her Instagram says she is now a presenter, model and actress. Her LinkedIn states she currently works as a global business partner for Limitless Beauty and Lifestyle and is a model and events manager for Jemma’s promotions.

Iasha Masood

via Instagram @iasha_masood

Iasha didn’t get very far in 2019, being fired in week six. However, Grazia named Iasha the best dressed candidate of the season, so she has that at least. She’s the founding director at Insu Beauty, and her LinkedIn says she now works at Amazon full time. She started the role last year, working as an account manager for the company.

Riyonn Farsad

Where the candidates from The Apprentice 2019 are now

via Instagram @riyonn_

Events manager Riyonn was fired in week five. He was working as an actor as well when he appeared on The Apprentice in 2019, and it looks like that is the route he has now chosen since. On his Instagram he says he has recently been working on Rowan Atkinson’s upcoming Netflix show, Man vs Bee. Riyonn is also now the owner of Middle Eastern Kitchen, a cooking brand which sells sauces such as a Lebanese shawarma sauce, an Egyptian koshari sauce and a Turkish shakshuka sauce.

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