Ranked: The most popular ever candidates from The Apprentice, by Instagram followers

They’re fun and business savvy!

Over the years, The Apprentice has provided us with not just some great business minds and inventive plans, but some huge characters who have gone on to have massively successful careers. When you watch the contestants work hard on the show, and a lot of the time make a fool of themselves in the tasks, you can’t help but love some of them. Some of the biggest and most popular candidates from The Apprentice now boast huge amounts of followers on Instagram.

The team at Betway has gone through Instagram to identify which of the show’s past contestants have turned into social media stars. These are officially the most popular candidates there have ever been on The Apprentice, based on how many Instagram followers they have now.

10. James Hill – 63.8k

The most popular ever candidates from The Apprentice based on Instagram followers

via Instagram @jameshill

After being eliminated from the show’s tenth season in the eighth week, James became a huge talking point after it was revealed he had been dating fellow The Apprentice contestant Lauren Riley during filming for the programme. He then took part in, and won, the 16th series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. He now has 63.8k followers.

9. Grainne McCoy – 83.5k

via Instagram @grainnemccoy_

In ninth is series 12 semi-finalist Grainne McCoy, who now has 83.5k Instagram followers. Grainne has made a name for herself in the make-up and cosmetics industry, founding and running her own beauty business, alongside providing make-up for the Cannes Film Festival and several high-end fashion shows.

8. Joseph Valente – 102k

via Instagram @mrjosephvalente_

Joseph Valente, who won the 2015 series, is one of the most successful candidates from The Apprentice, as well as the most popular. He won series 11 and then set up boiler installation company ImpraGas, which Valente says has turnover of £3million. He has 102k Instagram followers, and since the show has had a book released and started a podcast.

7. Saira Khan – 103k

The most popular ever candidates from The Apprentice based on Instagram followers

via Instagram @iamsairakhan

You might forget that Saira Khan actually started out on The Apprentice. She’s now a regular on Loose Women and columnist for the Daily Mirror and Hello Magazine. Saira Khan was the runner-up in the very first series of the show, and now has 103k Instagram followers.

6. Sian Gabbidon – 118k

via Instagram @siangabbidon

In sixth is 2018 winner, Sian Gabbidon. She secured investment in her brand Sian Marie Fashion from Lord Sugar, and is now turning over a huge profit as her swimwear brand has expanded to loungewear and clothing, and is now stocked in ASDA stores and on ASOS. Sian boasts 118k Instagram followers.

5. Zeeshaan Shah – 124k

The most popular ever candidates from The Apprentice based on Instagram followers

via Instagram @zee

Despite not making it too far in the competition when he appeared on The Apprentice in 2013, Zee has still gone on to carve a very successful career for himself. He was fired after week five, but now has a number of companies and investments himself. Zeeshaan has 124k followers on Instagram.

4. Thomas Skinner – 127k

via Instagram @iamtomskinner

Everyone’s fav pillow salesman and boshman, Thomas Skinner, is in fourth. He won our hearts in the 2019 series and now has 127k Instagram followers. Thomas went on to appear on Celebrity MasterChef and continues his various successful business endeavours, including Bosh Beds and The Fluffy Pillow Company.

3. Jennifer Zamparelli – 132k

The most popular ever candidates from The Apprentice based on Instagram followers

via Instagram @jenzamparelli

Just in the top three most popular The Apprentice candidates is Jennifer Zamparelli, who has 132k Instagram followers. After being fired in week seven of series four, Jennifer now works as a radio host. She appeared on the show before she was married, when her name was Jennifer Maguire.

2. Jemelin Artigas – 150k

via Instagram @jemelinartigas

In second is Jemelin Artigas, who appeared in the 2019 series. The award-winning motivational speaker has 150k Instagram followers. As well as business, Jamelin has had TV roles and has done modelling work.

1. Luisa Zissman – 621k 

The most popular ever candidates from The Apprentice based on Instagram followers

via Instagram @luisazissman

Luisa is by far the most popular of all The Apprentice candidates on Instagram, with her huge follower count of 621k being more than the rest of the top five combined. After finishing as runner-up on The Apprentice in 2013, Luisa went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother where she reached fourth place. She has also run several successful businesses, including an online electronics store, a baking website and a cupcake shop, as well as dabbling in modelling.

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