Euphoria season two memes

Here are 27 Euphoria season two memes which need to be cherished just as much as Fez

Will I ever recover from watching *that* scene with Fez and Nate?

Euphoria season two has just dropped after a long two years and the memes perfectly sum up what it’s like to watch it. If you haven’t watched it yet then all I can say is think of an American version of Skins. It’s a show with heavy drug references, wild house parties and relationships which are messed up beyond belief and it’s all beautifully captured in these 27 Euphoria season two memes:

1. An iconic and truthful tweet x

2. Nate had it coming since season one


4. I think I am in love with Fez?

5. Are we going to talk about THAT scene?

6. Looool they would all eat this up

7. She would THRIVE in Euphoria

8. Rue is a bad bitch

9. See? It’s like Skins but with more sparkle x

10. I hate Nate so much

11. The best soundtrack ever

12. He didn’t just say it, he shouted it

13. Clearly it was the only option

14. This is a perfect no context tweet

15. Lmaooo

16. A king

17. Fez appreciation post pending

18. We were all looking like Elmo watching this scene

19. Protect this man at all costs

20. Same

21. GO FEZ

22. Can we agree that they’re the perfect couple? x

23. Not the glitter loool

24. It was a work of art

25. Looool

26. I’ll do anything to keep them safe

27. Screaming, crying and throwing up

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