how to watch euphoria

How to watch Euphoria season two in the UK without using questionable websites

It’s easier than you think!!

Alright, Zendaya stans, the time has come. Euphoria will be returning to screens in the UK tonight (10th January) for a second series. It looks like it’s going to be another chaotic one, after season one left us on a massive cliffhanger and the newest instalment is set to feature characters like a J-Lo lookalike. Despite the hype around the second season coming out, people are starting to wonder how the hell they can actually watch it.

In the US, Euphoria viewers have to pay $9.99 (£7.38) a month for an HBO Max subscription in order to stream their favourite show – and fans in the UK are worried they won’t be able to find it for themselves. But fear not, we know exactly how to watch Euphoria season two over here, and you won’t even have to use one of those dodgy pirate sites.

how to watch euphoria season two

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If you already own Sky Atlantic on the family TV, you’re in luck. The channel will be premiering the first episode of Euphoria season two at the same time as the US, which is great if you don’t mind staying up a little while longer. The episode airs at 2AM on 11th January.

If you don’t fancy paying extra but want to keep everything above board, you’ll be able to watch Euphoria season two from today on the NOW TV app. This streaming service allows you to start a seven-day free trial before actually spending any of your own cash, so you might as well watch the show to your hearts’ content while you’re not actually paying for it. After your free trial, the app costs £9.99 per month.

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