Quiz: So do you really have your life together?

It’s highly unlikely

Let’s be honest if you’ve managed to get to November and still feel like you have your shit together then you deserve a medal. It’s rare to be the person who has everything going well at once. We can all try to be the person who gets up early, workouts, eat healthy food 24/7, remembers to call their parents and actually get good marks one assignments, but inevitably after a few days of trying something has to give. No one can have it together all the time or can they?

We’ve created a very scientific quiz to see just who has their shit together and who invariably doesn’t. By answering 10 questions on your daily habits such as how often you tidy your room and how you handle a stressful day, we can determine who is the hyper organised friend who never forgets anyone’s birthday and who struggles to make that nine am lecture.

To see if you really have your shit together take our quiz:

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