feminine urge

These 21 tweets will sum up all your realistic and ridiculous feminine urges

‘The feminine urge to tell every girl she’s pretty’

As a woman there are a number of universal urges that just sum up your experience. They’re usually things like wanting to achieve everything before the age of 25, to tell every girl in the night club toilets she’s pretty and to sit in your towel after a shower for approximately one hour. We can’t help it, they’re just our innate desires as women. And now a new meme is going around making light of all our feminine urges.

On Twitter and TikTok many women are ironically sharing their urges and they are usually either very sarcastic such as luring men to their deaths from ships or hilariously accurate such as wanting to have three drinks at all times.

The first time “the feminine urge” was used on the internet actually goes back to 2009 when it was posted on Twitter. However it’s had a resurgence this year thanks to a post on Tumblr and several other posts on Twitter. And now the last week has seen thousands of tweets of women sharing their urges, so these are the 21 funniest feminine urge tweets:

1. Life is not complete without three drinks

2. I am a great gift giver

3. Does anyone actually enjoy driving?

4. You really have to catch me on a good day if you want a text reply

5. Why are we like this?

6. If only I was cool enough to pull this off

7. It just feels awkward

8. The postman will always be a babe

9. No pressure or anything

10. Especially in the club toilets

11. Bringing men to their demise since Eve

12. I’m very tired

13. Honestly such an inconvenience

14. Everything Zac Efron makes is gold

15. Toasty

16. I can’t walk anywhere without my oat milk latte

17. Too accurate

18. It will obviously solve all my problems

19. Because obviously the worst is going to happen

20. Has anyone ever just got dressed straight after a shower?

21. Girls – where is our self belief?

Featured image credit before edits via Iris Laura/Unsplash

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