cooking pasta in a kettle

Can you cook pasta in a kettle? Debunking the chaotic TikTok trend

Cooking my spinach and ricotta tortellini has never felt more illegal

The chaotic creators of TikTok are at it again with their unsavoury life choices. Italian nonnas globally are weeping as they watch the latest TikTok trending food hack go viral, and with good reason if I’m honest. Because some spritely TikTok creators have decided that boiling a pan of pasta that takes approximately 10 minutes is far too much effort for a quick meal and have shoved it into the kettle instead. Yep. Kettle pasta. Ravioli with a limescale crumb crust. Bon appetit, madame. But despite the initial shock at the concept, there’s no point in being close-minded to something that could be a novel new way to devour your hearty meal in a faster way. It was time to try to see if cooking pasta in a kettle could be the game changer we’ve all been searching for.

@brianasprinzthe pasta sauce is pumpkin flavored!!♬ Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy

The methodology:

I mean, it isn’t rocket science how this is going to go down. Get yourself a kettle, get yourself some pasta (most people seem to be going for fresh because it cooks in less time rather than dried – spinach and ricotta tortelloni is calling your name), bang it in and flick that kettle switch, baby! Of course, for a more pleasurable cooking and dining experience, perhaps it’s best to check that your kettle is clean from any crust or dirt or whatever else might be lurking.

Photos taken seconds before disaster

Shove it all in, pop the kettle on and serve with your fave stir in sauce. Bing, bang, bon appetite.

Does it work and is it any good?

Believe it or not, it works. It works like a charm, actually. The issue is where it came from. According to Sophie, The Tab’s TikTok demonstrator extraordinaire, it tastes fully cooked through and nice but the fact that you’re chomping with the awareness of the fact it came from a kettle makes it just taste that little bit less good. All in all, if you’re hard up for the stove and in a hotel room or uni halls with only a kettle crack on with cooking your pasta in a kettle. If you’re drunk and need a quick carby fix, get that pasta in your kettle. But if you can do it the way Sophia Dolmio would be proud of, then do it for our queen.

Watch The Tab’s attempt below:

@thetab_Cooking pasta in a kettle… ##fyp ##foryou ##lifehacks ##pasta ##student ##pastatiktok ##food ##freshers♬ original sound – The Tab

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