Katylee and Libby Mae drama

Right so who the hell are Libby Mae and Katylee and why are they all over TikTok rn?

Libby Mae’s bun has Katylee in a chokehold

If you asked me to sum up this Katylee and Libby Mae drama in one word, I’d say carnage. The pair of TikTokers have once again taken over the platform with their relationship drama and people are LOVING IT. It’s so chaotic and toxic but the fans can’t get enough. But if you’re not on Katylee and Libby Mae TikTok then (first of all I’m sorry for you) you should know who they are!!

Katylee and Libby Mae are British TikTok phenomenons, they provide quality entertainment 24 hours, seven days a week. They each have around two million followers and post all sorts of content. They have a big hun vibe, if I’m honest. Here’s everything you need to know about the Katylee and Libby Mae drama:

Katylee and Libby Mae broke up earlier this year

Fans of the pair on TikTok were absolutely buzzing when they first got together. But this meant we were equally gutted when they broke things off and decided to go their separate ways earlier this year.

Katylee and Libby Mae drama

Libby Mae, via @libbymae24 on Instagram

Since the breakup, the pair have had different relationships here and there but it wasn’t until this summer when Katylee seemed settled with another TikToker, Grace Waites. But this is where things started to get messy and the Katy Lee and Cheaty Mae rumours started!!

Katylee announced her breakup with her girlfriend on 10 October

Grace and Katylee, via @katylee_bailey on Instagram

Katylee and Grace Waites parted ways on Sunday 10 October and the entire TikTok Katylee fan base was heartbroken. Recently the couple shared holidays together in Spain, so their breakup was really unexpected and shocking. Naturally fans began to suspect Katylee’s head had been turned by her ex, Libby bloody Mae!! Also the fact THIS video of Katylee and Libby Mae had surfaced on Friday 8 October:

The video shows Katylee and Libby Mae in a hotel room together messing about and then we hear a KISS SOUND AT THE END!!

Libby Mae has made a TikTok explaining herself

Obviously Libby Mae had to address the situation as things are looking pretty bad on her part. Plus her comment section is swarmed with people calling her “Fibby Mae” or “Kissy Mae”. And now thanks to her very well worded apology, people are calling her “Scripty Mae”.

@libbymae24This video is just to clear things up, I hope that you understand❤️♬ original sound – Libby Mae

♬ original sound – Libby Mae

Anyway, in her apology video she said: “On Friday, I, Katylee and my mum travelled down to London together and we all had a management party.” Which clears up why she was with Katylee in the first place. In the video, she continued to say that Grace (Katylee’s ex) was invited but she had refused the invite and the reason why they were all in the same hotel room was because Libby’s was ready but Katylee’s was not. Libby Mae then denied the cheating rumours and said her and Katylee are just mates.

Fans have been reacting to the drama of it all

Seriously, the breakup of Katylee and Libby Mae was hard, but Katylee and Grace breaking up is a whole new heartache. Why the hell are we all so obsessed with the love lives of three 19-year-olds?? Here are the best reactions to their breakup and the whole Fibby Mae drama:

Someone said: “I’m more invested in the Libby Mae, Katylee and Grace drama than my own degree.”

Another person said they are so “unbelievably invested in this Libby Mae and Katylee drama, I feel like I found out MY girlfriend cheated on me through a leaked TikTok”.

Another person said this drama was like something off EastEnders, except they’re wrong because Katylee and Libby Mae are northern so it’s more like Coronation Street if anything.

Thankfully someone has shared Libby Mae’s comment section, it’s unmatched.

We’re all far too grown to be invested in the Katylee and Libby Mae drama right now, but that won’t stop up from reviling in it.

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