short skirts around the house tiktok sound

This is where that ‘short skirts around the house’ TikTok sound is originally from

Help now I can’t stop speaking in a New York accent x

I’m obsessed with a new sound that’s all over my For You Page, and it’s one that makes me urgently rethink whatever outfit I’ve got on that day. I am referring of course to the “from now on, it’s going to be nothing but short, SHORT skirts around the house” TikTok sound that’s doing the absolute rounds, and if you’re anything like me you spent five minutes wracking your brain for where you knew it from. It’s one of them that sounds so familiar, you know you SHOULD know it but just can’t place. Well wonder no more, because I’ve done the research for you. No need to thank me.

@lukehamnettJust a skirt, nothing else ##fyp ##comedy♬ original sound – Seventh Art Studio

Here’s the origin of the iconic sound and some hilarious examples of it being the funniest trend on TikTok rn.

Duh, it’s Margot Robbie in The Wolf Of Wall Street!!!

Remember! That sexy bedroom scene where Naomi pushes Jordan Belfort away with her foot? It’s from that. You might have to cast your mind back to the time where we could all casually enjoy The Wolf Of Wall Street for the great film that it is, before it was ruined by red flag film boys making it their entire personality. Pretend that isn’t the case, and it’s actually a quality film. And Margot Robbie is a wow in it – even if just for giving us short (SHORT) skirts around the house as a TikTok sound.

These examples are comedy gold

1. I have literally never worked at Starbucks but this still feels relatable

@henryisokayNew uniform policy ##fyp##foryou##barista##starbucks♬ original sound – Seventh Art Studio

2. A good deed

@ahahahitsconnor🥰🥰🥰♬ original sound – Seventh Art Studio

3. Why is this such a turn on pls x

@caleigh.shi need help♬ original sound – Seventh Art Studio

4. Cba with this

@chickadeeinclike omg babe 😍♬ original sound – Seventh Art Studio

5. Doing God’s work

@ashaglynnu have a special place in my heart ##fyp♬ original sound – Seventh Art Studio

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