TikTok cracking up sound

This is where that ‘cracking up’ sound all over TikTok is actually from

‘Well, uh, I think I’m looking forward to cracking up’

If you want to know how to get an instant laugh out of me on TikTok right now, all you need to do is show me literally any video with the “cracking up” sound. It’s honestly all it takes. A big fan of the fact it’s an audio about cracking up and it’s literally a sure fire way to get me to literally crack up. Comedy gold that just refuses to get old – mostly because every time someone uses it the example couldn’t be more suited. This is where the TikTok  “well, uh, I think I’m looking forward to cracking up” sound originated from.

@mrthemagicguy♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas

It’s from Jake Thomas, star of Lizzie Mcguire, on a red carpet

Remember Jake Thomas? No, me neither. But he lurks at the very back of my memory as the guy who played Lizzie McGuire’s brother on the Disney Channel show back in the 00s. He uttered the immortal words about cracking up in the most cringe red carpet interview you’ve ever heard – he really was looking forward to CRACKING UP!

The red carpet was for a film called Osmosis Jones (?), a weird film from 2001 about a zookeeper who contracts a weird disease that blends live action with animation and anthropomorphic bacteria in a city depicted inside his body… okay.

These are the funniest examples that will too have you cracking up

1. A stone cold classic

@thissonghasnotitleWill never not be funny to me♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas

2. I am literally cracking up right now

@mun0znat##greenscreen♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas

3. Funniest name of all time tbh

@philscarimmy third grade lunch table used to refer to the cafeteria tin foil as an animate figure, aptly named Bob (though not short for Robert) ##hyperhydrosis♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas

4. This speaks to me and my group chat’s soul

@bigfinn420##CurameChoreo ##fyp♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas

5. Why were they obsessed with ointment!?!?

@spikedseltzerrAnd I won’t even lie it makes me laugh every time♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas


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